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Treatment Of Muslims In The U.s.a

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Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahee wa Barakatu


Jazzakallah Khair for the first heart warming video.


However, there is a longer version of this video on youtube under the title: What would you do Muslim

I am going to post it here as soon as possible. The most beautiful part of the video is certainly the last part. In the long version we have more information about those 22 who did not do anything.


For those non-Muslims, who helped the Muslim sister I wish that they find the path to Islam. This would be a great award for them. However, I thing for a Muslim sister the sister without hijab was a little bit too passive. This is at least my impression. Hopefully, I am wrong.



PS: This video also shows how beautiful and modest a woman is when she is wearing hijab in comparison to the sister who does not wear hijaab.




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How sad at the same time. I cant stand arrogant people.


It never happend to me though (I wear my distasha) infact people go up to me and ask what it is and where to get it.

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