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Bread And Butter Pudding

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A simple yet delightful recipe for any occasion.




6-8 pieces of bread




3 eggs


Three quarters of a cup (3/4) of sugar


2 cups of milk


1 teaspoon of vanilla flavouring or extract




Mixing bowl




Measuring spoons and cups


Ovenproof baking pan




Preheat oven to 160 degrees centigrade or 320 farenheit.


Remove bread crusts, if desired.


Generously butter one side of the bread slices.


Stack the bread slices, buttered side down, in the baking pan.


Break eggs into the mixing bowl and whisk until slightly foamy.


Add milk, sugar and vanilla extract to eggs and whisk until of uniform consistency.


Pour mixture over bread slices in baking pan.


Place baking pan into preheated oven and bake for 45 minutes to an hour.


Serve with sweetened whipped cream, if desired.


Serves 6.


Happy baking and best of luck. :D

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I've yet to drum up the courage to taste a proper Bread and Butter pudding. I had a horrifying experience with it back in school! ( :D the less said about that, the better!)



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