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Traditional Crispy Roast Chicken Dinner

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AOA all! this is simple but delicious!



traditional roast recipe


cooking time 1 hour

prep time: 20 mins


1. you need 1 whole chicken, clean it well but leave skin on, rub olive oil over skin and you can add knobs of butter in between the skin and chicken flesh.

tip: i cook the chicken plain with just salt n pepper and olive oil rubbed over it, but you can coat it with your own roast masala (e.g.tandoori)


2. making a stuffing is optional and you can make a stuffing with just about anything, i usually cook 1 medium onion

on a low heat so it looks translucent, turn heat off, then add a cup of breadcrumbs, chillies, one whisked egg and herbs, mix together and place in cavity of chicken.


3. put chicken in roasting dish and cook for about an hour on gasmark 6-7 (depending on size of chicken, adjust cooking times accordingly, e.g. cooking baby chicken needs 45 mins max, a large one can take upto 1hr 30 mins)


4. during cooking turn over at least once carefully and baste with its own juices, this will ensure the chicken is cooked and the skin is crispy and delicious.



5. meanwhile half boil small potatoes (cut in half) leave skin on or off up to you, then lightly using a fork over surface of potato to 'fluff' some of it out, and rub butter over them - you can add your herbs if you want e.g. parsley, rosemary, or anythiing you fancy! add salt n pepper - put aside


6. cut RED peppers in half, coat them with salt n pepper and olive oil and add along with the potatoes to a seperate dish and cook in oven for 30 mins turning occassionally (or you could cook them in same dish as chicken)


7. serve with yorkshire puddings (yum yum) and gravy or even better home made chutney!! the taste is unbelievable!!


tip: you can oven roast just about any vegetable with this meal it will go well!

tip: red pepper give this meal the actual taste, you can use green peppers but it wont have the same effect!







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