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Multiple Hierarchy And Sections.

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Might be so many ppl try to express their view on Indexing of this forum. I am a new member. I face lot of problems to trace my specific threads. Sections are generally meant for easy browsing. But to many hierarchy is horrible to find out what exactly we want.


We can make Islamic Discussions in two main categories instead of 14 categories. Akhi! It is very difficult to search our category before post a new thread.... 2 or 3 categories are ok but 14. :D :D


A - Islamic Discussions

1- Basic Islamic DiscussionsIslamic discussions of simple basics of Islam.

2- Subforums: Advanced Islamic Discussions

3- Islam for Beginners: Q&ANew to Islam? get answers here.

4- Islamic ChatIslamic chat sessions announced inside


B- Dawah

Islam for non-Muslims: Q&A

I've Just Reverted (Converted) to IslamYou reverted? tell us about it!

Why Did They Revert (Convert) To IslamShare stories you know.

Islamic-Western DialogueLet's understand each other, for a better world.

Islam In Your CountryIslam and Muslims in your part of the world.

Islamic hOt ContEstS!For the fUn, dAriNg and coOL.

Answering anti-Islamic AllegationsLet's see what you got against Islam

Refuting non-MuslimsHere is why you should revert (convert) to Islam!



General Discussions

Again 14 categories, brother, the most confusing partitions are Sisters' Room and Brothers' Room... That to be password protected, you know what!!!! there are 7000 hijaabs in between two persons when they post some thing on this forum. We are not in public place, this forum is on the air, so there is no valuation of Islamic rule.


Political FrontYour political awareness survival kit.




Books & Reviews,

Exposing Zionism,

Audio & Video


Sisters' Room password:

sssSubforums: Sensitive Issues


Brothers' Room password: bbb

Subforums: Sensitive Issues

General ChatRemember: this is an Islamic Forum!

Counselling RoomHaving troubles? allow us to help.

Polling StationStart polls & cast your vote.

Just for FunShare a joke or a funny quiz.


IF Library - Islamic Section I can't dare to comment on this...




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Facts: Some facts about the usability of different forums..


1- Islamic Forum > IF Library - Islamic Section > Islamic Download - Free eBooks! > Introducing Islam

Last updated: 29th October 2005 - 06:42 PM Last post by: dot


2- Islamic Forum > IF Library - Islamic Section > Islamic Download - Free eBooks! > Holy Quran

Last Updated: 6th February 2005 - 09:05 AM Last post by: Madeenahsh


3- Islamic Forum > IF Library - Islamic Section > Islamic Download - Free eBooks! > Quran Related

Last updated: 10th January 2005 - 03:12 PM Last post by: Albani


4- Islamic Forum > General Discussions > Political Front > Audio & Video

last updated: 17th February 2006 - 11:51 PM Last post by: Sister_Truth


5- Islamic Forum > General Discussions > Political Front > Books & Reviews

Last updated: 16th February 2006 - 08:33 PM Last post by: zade


6- Islamic Forum > General Discussions > Sisters' Room > Sensitive Issues

No topic my friend??????????????


7- Islamic Forum > General Discussions > Brothers' Room > Sensitive Issues

No topic


8- Islamic Forum > Islamic Forums (run by IF members) > Islam: the moderate religion > Enter the World of Islam > Miscellaneous

Last updated: Feb 11 2006, 07:54 AM


9 - Islamic Book Reviews & Audio Lectures

Last updated: May 23 2005, 11:02 AM In: Allaah Was Planning Against... By: aboo_uthmaan


10- Islamic Biographies

Dec 26 2005, 07:33 PM In: Relationship Of The Madhabs... By: abuhajira


11- Avoid All Sects and Cults

Jul 17 2005, 06:25 AM In: Be Careful who you call a K... By: al faqeer


12- Jihad & Misconceptions

Mar 22 2005, 11:49 AM In: Islam & Terrorism By: aboo_uthmaan



13- Islamic Friday SermonsFrom the holy cities of Makkah & Madinah Feb 6 2006, 02:19 AMIn: Entering The New YearBy: Allah's Slave


14- Seasonal Islamic ForumsThese will be put at top of page when in season, but you may post here all year round, if you have any beneficial post.Subforums: Hajj & Eid ul Adha, Ramadan & Eid ul Fitr

Jan 13 2006, 02:27 PMIn: Some Lessons From The Proph...By: shiningstar


15- Islamic LocationsLets fly there now!

Jan 5 2006, 05:47 AMIn: MasjidsBy: ahamed_sharif


How many ppl are coming on this forum per day?

Which forum is active forum? I guess 50 % of the forums are not active. What is the use of all those categories and sub categories. I think its making too difficult for forum members to browse all topics. Its too early to divide the forums in multiple hierarchy at this point, I think its take long time to be mature to understand the whole indexing.

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Thanks brother MP19, and I appreciate your detailed comments and suggestions. Insha'Allah we benefit from them.


Please note that beneficial sections are not neccessiraly the busiest in activity.

Also note that a topic in a sensitive room can be viewed only by the member who started that topic. Thats why you see no topics listed there. I advise you not to go inside the sisters' room nor the sisters' sensitive room, to avoid heavy penalties.


One easy way to find your posts is to click your name, then from 'Profile Options' select: 'Find member's posts'.

You can also click 'My Assistant' at top, which makes it easy to find the latest posts and other quick helpers.

You can also collapse all the sections that you're not interested in, by clicking the exp_minus.gif sign, located to the right side of each category.


I'm sorry I didnt understand the part where you said "there are 7000 hijaabs in between two persons when they post some thing on this forum". Can you please rephrase it for me? :D

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