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Who Is Muhammad [pbuh]?

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The world has never known somebody nobler than the messenger of mercy, Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). His message was an interval break between eras of ignorance and darkness and those of light, civilization and progress. He was sent, a messenger from God sobhanaho wa taala, with certainty. He came carrying welfare and peace represented in his message to all mankind never discriminating between them according to their ethnic origin, color or sex. He concluded that their father and origin are one, and that they are all equal in front of God. Nothing would favor any of them to the other except their faith in God and their good deeds.


This was God’s message to Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) who came in a time when people had gone astray fighting each other over power and money. Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) fought for the sake of the weak and the opressed people whose religious freedom had been confiscated turning them into followers to their tyrant monarchs.


Mohamed (PBUH), his companions, and even moslems who came afterwards fought only for one cause which is not to allow a monarch to prevent people from listening to the voice of certainty. Monarchs who gave moslems freedom to spread their religion, and principles found all respect and peace from moslems. What happened in Indonesia is a live example. The indonesian People were convinced with Islam as a blessing from God then they were motivated from deep within when they listened to the call of certainty without their monarchs terrorising them or ripping off their right to choose their religion.


The Indonesian Islands monarchs did not have to engage into fights since they were understanding and responsible enough to appreciate their people’s right of choosing their own religion.


These wars were inevitable for defending humanity and man’s right to choose his/her religion and faith in a time when nobody in the world acknowledged such right.


Moslem soldiers were not to hurt any of those people simply because they knew exactly the mission they came for which was to defend those people’s rights. Thus, they were much careful to their future whether in their life or life after death. That is why the world had never known anyone nobler than moslem conquerors who were not to kill a child, a woman or an old man/woman.


They were not even to kill those who surrendered to them and gave up fighting and never tortured or killed war captatives. Moslem soldiers never forced anybody to emrabce Islam complying to God’s explicit orders in their Holy Book Quran. Their sole objective was to liberate mankind from all pressures and let go their will to choose freely after listening to the call of certainty.


That was Mohamed’s (PBUH) message and so it still is that there’s no God but Allah and that Mohamed (PBUH) is his messenger and woreshipper and that God had not created man for nothing or carelessly in this life, he rather created him to develop and construct land with welfare and to worship God, and that God will punish those who do evil or wrong on the resurrection day and that every man is free to choose his religion, faith and that God will finally resurrect him.

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