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Crystal Eyes

Patience And Gratitude

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Patience in the Qur’an


:D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,


ÈöÓúãö Çááåö ÇáÑøóÃúãäö ÇáÑøóÃöíãöö




Imam Ahmad said “Allah has mentioned patience in the Qur’an in ninety places.†Here we will list the different contexts in which patience appears.


1. Instruction. Patience is enjoined upon believers: “and be patient for your patience is but by Allah….†(an Nahl 16:127).

“Now wait in patience the command of your lord…†(at-tur 53:48)


2. That which is opposite to patience is forbidden: “….and be in no haste about the (unbelievers)…†(al-ahqaf 46:35). “So lose not heart nor fall in despair…†(al-imran 3:139). “…and be not like the companions of the fish (i.e Yunus (AS))-when he cried out in agony†(al-qalam 68:48)


3. Patience is made a condition of success and prosperity: "O you who believe! persevere in patience and constancy; vie in such perseverance; strengthen each other; and fear Allah; that you may prosper" (al-imran 3:200)

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4. The rewards of those who exercise patience will be doubled: "Twice will they be given theor reward, fot that they have perserved..." (al-qasas 28:54). "...Those who patiently perserve will truly receive a reward withought measure! (az-zumar 39:10). Sulayman ibn Qasim said that reward of every deed is known, except for the reward of patience, which will be like heavy rain.


5. Patience and iman are prerequisites for leadership in religion: "And we appointed, from among them, leaders, giving guidance under our commands, so long as they presevered with patience and continued to have faith in our signs" (as-sajdah 32:24)


6. Patience is the way to earn the companionship of Allah: "...and be patient and persevering for Allah is with those who patiently persevere" (al-anfal 8:46). Abu Ali ad-Daqqaq said: "people who have patience are the true winners in this world and the next, because they have the companionship of Allah"


7. Allah will reward those who have patience with a threefold reward: blessings, mercy and guidance: "...but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere-who say, when afflicted with calamity:'To Allah we belong, and to him is our return-they arethose whom (descend) blessings from their lord and mercy and they are the ones that receive guidance" (al-baqarah 2:155-7). When people came to offer their condelences to one of the salaf (the early generation of muslims, espically the sahabah and the tabi'in), for some calamity that had befallen him, he said: "Why should i not practise patience, when Allah has promised those who have patience three rewards, each of which is better than this world and everything in it?"


:D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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:D / Peace to all,


:D sis for the very soul-soothing article. :D May there be many more, :D


Sis Zabrina

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Masha'Allah a great book, which both of us have read. If you don't know anything about patience, its the book to have. Simple layout, no images and it really does make you think.


If you are interested in purchasing this book, wherever you are in the world, you can do so from here:


www.kitaabun(contact admin if its a beneficial link)

www.simplyislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)


or pop down your local Islamic Bookshop.


Wa alaykumus salam wr

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