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my name is andy this is my story about how i found God..i was raised in a non- religious home with wonderful parents who loved me dearly..though not religious my parents were very tolerant of people's faiths,therefore as a child i always loved biblical films like ben hur and the robe etc and always felt some connection to this man called Jesus pbuh..

i guess a love for Jesus pbuh and inquisitive attitude stayed with me,because when i was 15 i became a Christian after reading a book by nicky cruz..i still remember my excitement reading his book,i felt all my lottery's had come in..all my hopes were to be wrapped up in one prayer,to this day i remember my disappointment of feeling nothing after i made this prayer what was wrong ! maybe if i prayed to God instead of Jesus pbuh it would happen! i prayed to be saved alternatively to God one night Jesus pbuh the next..so began 24 years of confusion..


soon after this night, some christians moved in near to my parents,i would be there 24/7 full of questions..they were members of a charismatic church and believed in the separate baptism of the holy spirit..after a while i confided with one of the guys that i had said the prayer to be saved and he was happy for me and explained i was saved and i should just believe it..they phoned a elder and he spoke to me and said i was saved and i should get the "spirit".i was sat on a chair with 4 people praying around me as they prayed for me to be baptised by the spirit and to talk in tongues..i was embarrassed as they prayed and asked me to say any words that came..they directly asked me if i had any words i mumbled out one word and they said that's it repeat it over and over and tongues will come..i was always confused by the gifts of the spirit,how a person can talk in tongues but still have no holyness in there life didnt add up..i now feel this was all emotions on both sides and a yearning for something real...

Continued here:you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_thetruereligion(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/modules/ipboard/index.php?showtopic=1410

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