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The Benefits from Henna


The Prophet (saws) never suffered from a wound or a thorn without putting Henna on it


- Hadith, naratted by Umm Salamah

(RadiAllahu anha)


[at-Tirmidhi, al-Bayhaqi]


The Prophet used Henna both as a dye for his hair and for healing ailments of the body. Today, scientists are discovering the great advantages and strengths possessed by it. To the extent that it is sometimes termed the "Magic Plant".

Natural, inexpensive, beautiful, pure and endorsed by the RasulAllah -- what more could you ask for!?


Listed below are some common problems and ailments which can easily be cured from the use of Henna:


General application


Henna in paste or powdered form




Apply henna paste or powdered form to 1st or 2nd degree burns reduce pain and fluid loss from the burn site has an anti-microbial effect and so reduces the risk of infection. It also sticks on the wound site until healing is complete


Wounds & ulcers


Henna in paste or powdered form promotes wound healing especially chronic wounds and ulcers, apply locally


Anti-hemorrhage effect


One dose of henna is generally sufficient for nose bleeding (epistaxis) providing a long-lasting cure. Better than cauterization which may cause recurrence but the only side effect of henna here is that it can cause slight sneezing. Henna can be used at other sites like a bleeding duodenal ulcer or oesophagal varicose veins with no known side effects


Anti-viral effect


Treats warts and herpes simplex (applied as a powder it dries the vesicles at the site prevents ulceration and crust formation and prevents secondary infection). It can also be used to treat AIDS


Hair dye


Add Olive Oil to henna to soften and condition, hot Hibiscus tea to enrich red tones, hot strong Black tea to bring out golden lights & drab down red-orange tones. Onion or Lemon juice works well with neutral henna to brighten and Apple cider vinegar will help fix color on grey hair.




A paste made of the leaves, applied on the affected area, is soothing and gives relief


Sore throat


Soak henna leaves in water and use as a gargle




"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.geocities(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/mutmainaa/food/henna_cure.html"]Henna[/url]

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