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New Rule For Non Muslims

evaluating a new rule for non Muslims  

39 members have voted

  1. 2. what post count do you propose, after which non-Muslims can no longer criticize Islam?

    • 100 (I'm a Muslim)
    • 200 (I'm a Muslim)
    • 300 (I'm a Muslim)
    • 500 (I'm a Muslim)
    • there should be NO limit (I'm a Muslim)
    • 100 (I'm a non-Muslim)
    • 200 (I'm a non-Muslim)
    • 300 (I'm a non-Muslim)
    • 500 (I'm a non-Muslim)
    • there should be NO limit (I'm a non-Muslim)

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I stated that they should have 500 posts. But as I read through the posts I realized that it shouldn't be a limit, it should be a rule. When we realize there is a trouble maker on the site, we can report him, and then 3 strikes and then that's it. I know the feeling, I happen to be very...what's that word...oh yeah, persistent, and it gets annoying with people who will not accept Islam but are looking for trouble. I understand Taoist is not looking to accept Islam, but his questions and posts are very good, and a non-muslim reading it could benefit in the direction of accepting Islam, as soon as you give him a good reason for something, he accepts it and agrees with it, and I think its great.


Livius, Lateralus, 3dshocker, should all be banned indefinetely :D I'm just kidding, their opinions and ideas give the forum the flavor it needs to allow Islam to be spread to the maximum, there questions make us explain Islamic Idealogy to the greatest detail. I hope they will accept Islam one day. A limit will remove the flavor, and that's not good. We need this type of people. There questions also strengthen my faith, because it causes me to think about the aspects of my religion. They benefit everyone.


A rule is better. Like umAhmad said, a trouble maker is easy to spot.


Also someone claiming to be a muslim and spreading false ideas aout Islam should get the same warning 3 times then be banned.


Salamu Alaikum

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:D / Peace to All


I voted there should be no limit...there is no compulsion in Islam and a non-muslim can take any amount of time he/she wants to learn the truth of the message of Islam...

however from my short stay here on IF...i think some people's motives here are not to learn about Islam...they come here just to criticize...its obvious from some of their posts that they are not here to learn...they are just imposing their own views and beliefs...

i think the question here is not a quantitative one...where we just look at the number of posts a non-muslim makes...the question is a qualitative one where how the non-muslim criticises Islam and what his/her real intentions are...

i was reading the IF rules and this came to my attention...


Non-Muslims and disbelievers are welcomed to join IF, only if their intentions are to explore and learn about real Islam. We have the tools and ability to judge who's sincere, and who is an enemy of Islam. If it turned out, judging from the posts you make here, that you came to distract, confuse or waste our members' time, for example by creating issues of little reference, or importance, to what Islam really is, we will treat you as a suspected enemy of Islam. In result:

one of our moderator will PM you a copy of this specific rule

- your posts will be put in queue temporarily

- and we will then challenge you to prove that you are not an enemy of Islam, by filling out our little [Good Intentions Form] tool. Failing to fill and submit that form will force us to ban you from posting any further. Your reading rights will always be there, so that you always have the chance to learn about the ultimate religion, Islam.


i'm not doubting the moderators :D ...but i feel that if the moderators have the sufficient tools to judge who's sincere...and are really putting this into action...then this should be enough... :D

maybe a list of those who are not interested in learning and criticise endlessly should be made...and these people should be monitored...then subsequently if the situation does not change then this same tool can be applied to those who overly criticise...


wassalam :D

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