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Investigating The Cause Of Problems

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How does a person investigate the cause of Problems?

It can be a trial by Allah, Punishment by Allah, Sihr (magic) or anything.........


Does Islam has any method or something for investigating the cause of problems? or just have to do sabr?


Jazakallah Khair.


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A Shaikh/religious man qualified to do so, can establish whether there is magic or influence of Jinn. But no one can determine whether it is a trial or a punishment. A thing to add, which you have missed, is where we want something and don't get it, because it is not good for us, and Allah :D is keeping us away from it through His Knowledge.


The best thing to do is sabr, and pray to Allah :D to relieve you of the sin which results in the punishment, to make the trial easy, and to give strength to bear the loss of the thing or not gettiing it.



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Alsalamu 'Alaikom brother


Ask Allah for the guidance, a good dua is


Allah u ma ithhir li al haq haqun

Allah show me the truth in its truthfulness


wa irzuqni itib'uhu

and bless me with following it (the truth)


wa ithhir li al batel u batilan

And show me the ill/evil in its illness


wa irzuqni ijtinabuhu

and bless me with avoiding it.


if someone has a better translation please post

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