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Asalamoalaikum allz


really simple chutneys for you to try at home and make:


1. Green chilli chutney - goes REALLY well with roast chicken

*4 green chillies

*half a tub of plain yogurt (try to use one which is not too sour, like 'asli' or 'asda greek style' yogurt

*few leaves of fresh coriander with stems (this gives the chutney its mild green colour)

*1 full teaspoom whole cumin seeds (jeera or zeera)

*salt to taste


grind the chillies to fine pieces using pestle motar or processor machine, add coriander and continue grinding/blending.

add this mixture to yogurt, add seeds and stir...


2. chutney

all above ingredients and method but add

*clove of garlic

*pomegranate powder or seeds (if seeds then soak them for 15 mins in hot water, grind them well to fine consistency)

*fresh mint leaves

*salt to taste


serve with pakoras, samosas, rice, nan, roti, absolutely anything especially nice with roasts and tikka botis.





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cos im a pakistani my mum would add like 10 times the amount of spices your supposed ot lol


mmm--feel like a chutney........with a samosa lol

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