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Learning: A Hint From Kepler

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Johannes Kepler(1571-1630) could be seen as the first modern scientist. He kept detailed records both of his objective findings in astronomy and of his subjective thoughts and feelings. He was a serious autobiographer and for that reason he is a most interesting scientist, astronomer and person.

-Ron Price from ‘The Science Show’, ABC Radio National, 16 January 1999.


You wrote down the things

you laughed and cried about,

the thoughts of your heart, as

I do and my poems are constantly

renewed by concepts and words

from the many fields of learning,

with a corresponding heightening

and awareness of my own self, a

sense of oneness with the universe

and a certain intuitive leap toward

the divine-such is the really good poem.

And I will never equal my poems;

there is some add-on factor in poetry

that makes poetry more than the poet.


Ron Price

16 January 1999

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