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Understanding The Prophet's L!fe

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Finding a She-Camel




Man is dearer than any precious mineral, and more expensive than any pearl. That is why his presence is dear to the world of people, to the point that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

"People are like a herd of one hundred camels, within which you can hardly find a she-camel".

The competent and good man is the elixir of life, and the soul of rebirths, and the pillar of messages and the pivot of reform.

Prepare what you want in terms of factories of arms and ammunition, and these arms will not kill without the fighting man. Write whatever number of laws and lists, and they will remain as ink upon paper if there is no man to execute them. You can also set up whatever number of education and teaching methods, such methods will not thrive unless there are the right men that will use them in their teaching. You can also appoint any number of committees and they will not establish one single project if they do not have the earnestly enthusiastic man. This is clear from actual experience.

Strength is not constituted so much by the sharpness of arms as it is constituted by the strength in the heart of the soldier. Justice is so much inherent in the text of the law as it is in the conscience of the judge. Education is not so much on the pages of the book as it is in the soul of knowledge. The realisation of projects does not lie so much in the constitution of committees as it is in the enthusiasm of those who execute them.


p.s..plz donot reply to this post as i will be posting explainations of hadiths after evry few days..JazakAllah :D

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