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Essential Quran For New Muslims

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New Muslims can use their MP3 players to listen to the Quran on the go. This helps you memorize the chapters that you want. For prayers, at least 2 chapters should be memorized. Chapter 1 is a must, plus any other short chapter. Chapter 112 is recommended.


Here is a link to download any or all Quran chapters:


Each verse is recited slowly and clearly, followed by an audio translation of its meanings (sahih international translation)

If you have a torrent client, you can download all of them at one go.

If you don't have a torrent client, like uTorrent, you can download chapter by chapter.

That reciter is Abdul-Baset Abdul-Samad.


If later you want the murattal version, which is faster reciting, you can download it, without traslation, from here:



The Quran consists of 114 chapters, with varieying lengthes. The largest chapter, 2, cosists of 48 pages, but there are many short chapters 1 page or less. Most of the short chapters at located at the end of the Quran and backward (chapter 114, 113, 112..), and they are suitable for new reverts to start with.


To properly do your prayers, you need to memorize at least 2 chapters, one of them, chapter 1, is obligatory in all prayers. The second chapter is your choice, but its preferable to be chapter 112. If you can't recite more from the Quran, do recite chapter 112, and insha'Allah you will be rewarded as if you have recited one third of the Quran, as our beloved prophet Muhammad :s: told us.


Please notice that the Quran itself cannot be translated, and when you memorize from it, for example to recite any part in your prayers, you need to pronounce it in its original form, which is the Arabic language. This and all other translations are but contemplations on the meanings of the Quran, limited by the translator's capability to understand its meanings.


You don't have to learn Arabic to recite the Quran, you can memorize the Quran from a transliteration. Here is a nice online tool to help you memorize it correctly. You can click any word to here how its properly pronounced in Arabic:


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I've updated this topic with useful new links and tools to help new Muslims memorize the Quran easier.

Please let me know if anyone needs help in that regard.

I also give free Quran lessons over Skype for new Muslims. More details here:

Free Arabic Quran Skype Lessons

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