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Getting Married But Problems As I Am Not A Good Muslim

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asalam , i am getting married but right now facing some problems as i am not a good muslim and may be i have less imaan

now the problem is i dont want to involve in a major sin with

my fiancee but still we are in kind of sins

but not cross any limits

i always repent,sometime i cry tht Allah will not punish both of us

i know we are fyture hus/wife but now these acts are wrong even

we dont cross any limits

second i ask her to pray and seek repentance from Allah so Allah will not punish us if Allah wills

i have good knowledge of Islam but i dont pray often

i care for halal /haram

i care for whts wrong,whts not

but somehow cant stop sins etc

its a struggle ,sometimes i feel after marriage inshallah i will

overcome these sins,also want to perform umrah inshallah

this year


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Asalam Alaikom Warhmatullah Wbaraktuh


If you base your home on the harams you will see it’s ill effects later on unless Allah has mercy upon you and pardons you!


Now that you know that keep on repenting and never go back to the sins you have been committing as Allah loves the once who repents continuously!


Seriously I can’t even begin to tell how many marriages I have witnessed destroyed and ended up with much grief and humiliations and that is all because they use to do the haram more or less before they got married these types of marriages almost never last!


What makes anyone of us assume if we start any relationship based on haram and Allah’s anger we will benefit from it or get Allah's blessings in it later on? {When it get official that is}


Of course the Door of toubha is open and Allah indeed changes the situations for much better for the Muslims who repents continuously and who has Taqwa and dose good deeds and Allah surly blesses them from places they never assumed nor expected!


So you have a choice here really either you repent and repenting has some conditions or you destroy your life and you won’t have anyone else to blame..


I hope I was able to deliver the message and be of a help and remember you will again Allah’s love and mercy by repenting and that will make you have a successful life in this dunya and the next Insha*Allah..


Good luck :D


Fe Amn Ellah

Al FAqera el Allah

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Recite that which has been revealed to you of the Book and keep up prayer; surely prayer keeps (one) away from indecency and evil, and certainly the remembrance of Allah is the greatest, and Allah knows what you do. 029.045

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Assalmu Alaikum,


Please stop doing this sin as brother has given great advice.

If you will not stop then fear Allaah that if he will put some trials on you and then unwantedly you will have to stop. So Y not now, before anything bad comes to you.


Fear Allaah as he should be feared, and pray be consistent in you prayer and fast because it keeps one away from sins.

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