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Beef Jerky?

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Have you ever seen beef jerky at a store? It looks like a fun snack, so I wanted to learn how to make beef jerky using halal/zabiha meat.


I guess the main thing is that the meat is being dried, but not so dry that it loses its chewiness. Since the meat would shrink during the drying process, I guess we could cut long pieces of the beef so it's like a stick, but not too skinny. Then it would have to be marinated for flavor. Does anyone know what Worcestershire sauce is? I hope it's halal. Then it would have to be cooked in the oven at very low heat for several hours.


If anyone has an easy method for making this, please share. :D



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I am not exactly certain as to what you are talking about, but I'll see what I can find out.


I do believe Worchester sauce is halaah. It's like Soy sauce I believe. It comes in similar bottle...well here, at least.





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