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:D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,


I'm trying to find some info on good university for the field i want to go into. I would like to do either optometry or become an eye surgeon, not set on which one yet.


I've looked at few unis which are good, namingly UCL, King's college, Queen mary and Uni of manchester. I hear manchester is really good but i'm not sure if i'm willing to move up north :D


Also i'm kinda confused about eye surgery, some one said you do medicine then specialise, someone else said you just do the course straight on for 5 yrs?? Does anyone know anything about this?


Any feedback would really be appreciated.


Jizakallah khair in advance

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i think CITY uni also do it, from how most specalist courses work i think you do the 3 year course, and then you go on to study for another couple of years to become a surgeon.... or you could do medicine and then specalise.

if your adament on becoming an eye surgeon do medicine then qualify for eye surgeon. iA best is to consult a careers advisor or the relevent uni they are very helpful.

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