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Acne Treatments ,here Is Help For You

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Hi , I post this in general interest to help people,plz copy and paste this to your friends in email ,


As many people Suffer from Acne And pimples in there life

one most important factor is only external medications cant solve

your acne problem ,Stop Antibiotics this will worse your problem ,and skin ,what you can do


increase water 8 glass atleast a day

fresh food and salad rich with vitamin A,E,C specially


homeopathic provise excellent treatment ,safe and it works internally

look for the homeopathic medication which have following

medicines ,




Hepar sulph


antimonium crudium




arnica montana


natrum muriaticum

Kali Bromatum or kali sulph

Calc phos,


Nat mur,

Calc phos,


Calc carb,

Berberis Aquifolium


normally you may find mix combination of these medicines

try to find one which may have 5,6 of these medicines

also look for homeopathic creams etc for internal use with the

above medicines


you can take vitamin a,c,e and zinc also


believe me you will get the fresh and clear skin you have never thought

after years of my quest for acne treatment so far

ranging from antibiotics to external lotions and cosmetic

options i found homeopathy is the fastest and cheapest treatment





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:D / Peace to all,


I believe that drinking lots of plain water daily is excellent for health... :D And yes, it can do wonders to our skin too... :D


:D for sharing sis...


Sis Zabrina


NB : I moved this thread from General Chat to here

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