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Israel's Dangerous Overreaction

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By Henry Makow PhD



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israel's Dangerous Overreaction

By Henry Makow PhD




As French President Jacques Chirac said, the israeli reaction seems dangerously out-of-proportion to the provocation. A few soldiers killed and captured and they are ready to "set Lebanon's clock back 20 years" risking a regional or even a global conflagration.


The cruelty and severity of israel's response are totally unjustified and suggests to me that a bigger scenario is in the works. This is confirmed by the tepid international efforts to initiate a cease fire. I am not sure whether Iran or israel will emerge as the big loser. But I suspect every move is orchestrated in advance.


Joseph Ehrlich ("Senderburl") thinks the NWO is playing a double game with israel, and that Haifa and Tel Aviv are going to be nuked by Iran. He believes Sharon refused to play according to this script and was removed, but the traitor Ehud Olmert will. He believes israel has outlived its usefulness to the globalists, and they want control of Jerusalem and a new relationship with the Muslim world. He doesn't think this will be an excuse to nuke Iran, which he says has immunity by virtue of its oil wealth.


Ehrlich's scenario is as horrific as it is farfetched but it is consistent with reports that the Illuminati hate israel. Erhlich says the trigger is an attack on Syria by israel.


In any case, the new israeli "unilateralism" assumes opponents have no right to resist, have no legitimate grievances and are "terrorists." This is based on the canard that israel has no one to negotiate with, which is nonsense. It is the attitude of an aggressor who has no intention of negotiating and relies entirely on force and intimidation. (Btw, the "terrorists" are the ones without the air force.)


The israeli government seems to suspend the law of cause-and-effect. It ignores the connection between the Hizballah attack in the North and israel's overreaction to the capture of a soldier in Gaza. The israelis shut off water and electricity in Gaza, imprisoned Hamas government members and missile-attacked government buildings killing civilians.


The Gaza capture in turn was a response to the killing of a family picnicking on a Gaza beach, and the continued targeting of Hamas leaders.


The new israeli unilateralist approach won't lead to a solution. It will only increase worldwide animosity against israel and her allies. It may lead to israel's demise.


The israeli government must recognize Palestinian grievances, accept a cease-fire and negotiate generously. This is the only way to quell the recent escalation and ensure permanent peace.


Many israelis agree with me and feel as helpless about their government's war policies, as we do about ours. Polls suggest just over one-third of israelis are opposed to the overreaction against Lebanon..


israelis may soon learn how dangerous this overreaction really is.


israelis were captured inside Lebanon?


500 israelis Protest War


Robert Fisk on israel's outrageous overreaction.


Lebanese Villagers told to leave, then van hit. 15 dead. Pictures


EU: israel Response Disproportionate

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