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Islamic Landmarks Project - Help Needed

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Dear forum members.


My sister's kids and me are doing a project to make a datebase of all the geographical landmarks related to the life of the Prophet (PBUH) and make a final comprehensive map of all the places.


As I surve on the net and in Seera books I noticed that there is little attention given to connecting the events of the Seera to the geographical places where it happened. This is why we thought of this project.


It is nice to compile an online map to show were was the home of the prophet and where was the path of the Hijra for example.


This interactive map will be of great education value for kids and adults interesed in the Seera alike.


We need your help. We need maps showing the locations where the Events of the Seera happened. Any piece of information or map that can locate one or more events is of great help.


You can help also by directing us to resources where we can find such maps.


Thank you for your help.





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:D / Peace to all,


Masya'Allaah, thats a very good project sister. I shall eagerly await for its result :D


Here is an interesting article, directly related to the places noted in history of our Prophet Muhammad... in fact , the article explains how the Hijaz is protected by Allaah... :D


Al-Hejaz: Immune to Desertification


Taif is located in the northern most part of Hejaz


Allah (SWT) has protected the Hejaz region not only by averting geological disasters but also by safeguarding it against desertification. Although the entire region has a hot, dry desert climate, its lithological structure (which relates to rock characteristics) ensures its protection from desertification. The upper permeable lava rocks function as a filter to purify the runoff from rainwater, which falls on highlands and mountains, from fragmented rocks and other impurities allowing water to seep through. These rocks provide protection against evaporation, which can be severe in such a hot climate. On the other hand, the igneous impermeable rocks located underneath serve as a reservoir that collects the purified water and provides water for wells and springs, such as the well of Zamzam and the springs and wells prevalent in the Al-Taif region.


Throughout history, Allah the Almighty has protected His house, Al-Masjid Al-Haram, not only against volcanoes, earthquakes, desertification, draughts, and other natural catastrophes but against all kinds of harm.


(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.islamonline(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/english/science/2003/10/article06.shtml"]The Lord Will Protect His House[/url]


Allaahu 'alaam


Sis Zabrina


NB : Moved from Advanced Islamic Discussion to here by Sis Zabrina

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