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Opinions On Islamic Eduaction In England

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Assalamu alaikum


I am reallty after views and opinions from everyone.


I want to sent my children to an Islamic School which open two years ago in Luton. The thing is I wanto hear from anyone whos attended an Islamic school and their opinions whether they like it or not, was the curriculum, english,maths science etc subject taught well, what was the environment like, Did going to Islamic school restrict you in anyway. Were you able to interact with society


Is there anyone who's been to an Islamic school, yet went on to higher edcuation, and got a regular job. The reason I as is becasue all the people that I know went to Islamic eduction didn't pursue higher edcuation they stay at home nor got regular jobs.


I hope all this made sense.


Is there anyone on the Forum from Luton who is senting their kids to the Islamic Education in Bury Park. I would love to hear you views on the school and its eduction.


Jazak-Allah Khair

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I forgot to mention this.


Is it better to teach your kids about Islam from those teaching books you can get while they are attending mainstream school.

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