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Need Information On Islam So Planning To Revert If Your God

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hello everyone.

am not very sure where to post this because due to the fact this site is very hard for me never been on an Islamic site apart from two just for *jodie* (sigh)

well basically as you know am trying to find out more about Islam and if Jesus wants me to i will revert and also if muslims :God: infites me to become a revert then i will but i need help , i am really looking forward to disucss to you all about my religion and i will be hearing about yours to am all ears but to do that i just need to find the truth of Islam well i haven't found it even when my cousin *Jodie* has reverted to Islam she goes on and on about it so it's came to a point where i should move along and get some where so hopefully can people help me out.

also i want to say if you can gave me the basics and then for there we can go on that will be great but i have a question that is bothering me since day one, well percisly am a christain and many muslims believe the Bible of Noble has been changed and it's inncorrect please tell me when was it and where does it say it's inccorect where are the mistakes! am looking forward for hearing from you alll!



Sam (samantha your friend in humality :D )

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