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Balancing Studying/life With Islam

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Salaam alaykum dear brothers and sisters


I'm really confused in this matter, because when one thing increases the other decreases, i'm more into Islam then i am into my studying, but then again i don't get the the grades i want.


So what i'm trying to say is that how can u balance ur studying with Islam, because i have to put in more effort in my studying then i do with Islam, i was wondering how other people cope?


Please help me in this situation because i'm really starting to go downhill with my studying

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Studying is part of Islam; the Prophet saas taught us that we should seek knowledge even if we have to go to China to find it. The knowledge mentioned in the Hadith does not specify a type, hence all type of knowledge (not only related directly to religion) is requried.


Besides, why cant you do both? If you are studying for the sake of God then it's an act of worship so you should keep trying harder. For the sake of God (by the way) includes studying to get a better degree in order to get a better job so that you can raise the living standards of yourself and your family (among others of course).


If you would just look at it that way you will find that there is no contradiction to start with.


Put a goal for yourself, something in the lines of: I want to learn more and more until I get a PhD and then I will teach other muslims (as an example). Or you can say: I want to become a doctor so that I can help cure people for the sake of God, or I want to become a lawyer so that I will defend the poor for free ...etc.

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I understand what you mean mohsin_407 brother,balancing them both can be a hard task but not impossible.I this year face a task of getting my retakes to A grade and my A2 studies/year 13 studies to A grade standard,I messed up my exams in june,but still this will not reduce my faith in Islam in any way,I will maintain the standard of my prayers and improve on them inshallah.Surely at minimum you can spend 5 minutes for each prayer and that won't affect your studies.


You can study for a like 1/2 hour and then when prayer time comes that can be like your relax time where you read prayer,eat,drink etc.


Please don't study too much though I did and thats why I messed up my exams,burnt myself out.


So study in bursts while taking a few minutes out for prayer,etc.


And as Mahawi sister said,"Put a goal for yourself",but make them short term goals that led up like stepping stones to long term goals.


Like mine are:


To master my retake modules,while keeping my other harder modules at A grade standard.


Make sure I have a good study pattern,not one that makes me study for 5 hours striaght on,I tried it constantly last year and study hours and hours was my big downfall.


Make sure I go asleep early for school.


Make sure my uni application is sorted.


Make sure I am focused throughout the year again.


My last goal for the year will be to inshallah get 3 As in august.


You could do what I did,which was to make a "TO DO" list everyday on a sheet of paper,this way you have your daily study tasks next to you and you can cross them out once you have done them.


Don't make them very intensive,make them achieveable goals.


I hope that helped a bit,



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