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Question About The Grave In The Quran

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besides in hadiths, is it mentioned in the Quran about how the soul is in the grave waiting for the day of judgement, if so can someone please help me find it. .... or like how Allah says no one knows when the day of judgment is only he does.

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ASA brother i hope thes help to answer your questions

Sura 23 ayat99-100 Until when death comes to a wrongdoer, he will say: Lord, let me go back that I may do good works in the world I have left behind, Never! It is only a word which he will speak Behind them shall stand a barrier till the day of resurrection


sura 7 ayat 187 They ask you about the hour(judgement day) and when it is to come, Say :None knows it except my Lord. He alone will reveal it at the appointed time. A fateful hour it shall be, both in the heavens and on earth. It will come suddenly. They will put questions to you as though you had full knowledge of it. Say: None knows about it save Allah, though most men are unaware of this.



sura 22 ayat 6-7 That is because Allah is the Truth: He gives life to the dead and has power over all things. And the Hour of doom (judgement day) is sure to come- in this life there is no doubt. And Allah will raise up those in the graves.



sura 33Ayat 63: People ask about the hour Say The knowledge of it is with God alone. Who knows? It may well be that it is near at hand



the day when men will hear the Cry in truth. On that day they will rise up from up their graves sura50 ayat 41-44

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