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How To Avoid The Handshake?

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By the way, I meant to report back. Last week was the first time in a while that I have been constantly meeting new people on a daily basis, whom I would obviously have to greet at some point. I tried what I have now coined 'the pre-emptive strike' (very geekish I know :D ), anyway, so as soon as I saw that a man was approaching to greet me, I would say nice to meet you and put my hand over my heart. It really worked mashaAllah, no handshake was offered on most occasions, so no embarassing/awkward situations to deal with.


The one time that someone did offer a handshake I gently explained that 'I would prefer not to shake hands due to a religious belief about the level of interaction between men and women, but that I was very pleased to meet him, and hoped that my frank explanation had not left him feeling awkward in any way.' He was really appreciative of my explanation, and expressed his respect for my views and the subsequent conversation was very respectful and professional.


Alhamdulillah it felt like a little personal victory as it was the first time that I have come out of that kind of situation without feeling bad or awkward.

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:D wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatu,


:D for your suggestion brother muhsinmuttaqi, but gloves aren't really practical in my line of work. I could definitely wear them outside though, and I suppose they could act as a partial solution, to be used when possible.

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Assalamu Alaikum


Abaddon, it's not oppressive towards women, it's more respectful actually. See the level of respect Islam has? Don't even think of touching someone of the opposite gender unless you're allowed to.




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