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It's Party Time -family Of 7/7 Bomber

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I will provide that info for you , as it seems your are either unwilling or too lazy to find it yourself , then I shall rub your nose in it so you may get a sense of the odor .....but I'm off to more important things right now , then trying to convince a bigot ......in a few hours I'll be back .

i am glad that you now learn to take responsibilities for your li.. err claims. i'll wait.




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Poor example - they were deranged individual , with no ethos or ideology ....unless of course you like to enlighten us .

ok ... since you asked, i will enlighten you.


one of the guys named dylan klebold. he was racist zionists, extremely racists. most zionists' controlled media were involved in news misrepresentation by referring to him as "white supremacists" when they were in fact jewish and hated whites and christians. as it was written in haris's diary (another perpetrator), " "We hate niggers, spicks ... and let's not forget you white P.O.S. [pieces of shi*] also. We hate you.", they might be singing that song while killing the kids. that's why the authorities refused to make public the tapes related to massace even though the families of victims asked for it.


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As I said , deranged individuals with no ethos or ideology .....otherwise known as SOCIO-PATHS

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i am glad that you now learn to take responsibilities for your li.. err claims. i'll wait.






There are no lies on my behalf yasnov , i simply did not have the time this afternoon , to take a stubborn child by the hand [you] and stick the truth under your nose .

Strangely ,you have no trouble digging up info on the Columbine murderers , but are some how 'disabled " when it comes to the 7/7 bombers , including the oyther plotters sent to jail for aiding them .


There are no comparisons between the two incidents . Except maybe in your warped way of looking at things .

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British 7/7 Bombing Report Ignores al-Qaeda

By ThreatsWatch | April 10, 2006

(Primary research by Dan Darling, Co-written by Steve Schippert)


A glimpse of the United Kingdom’s ‘official’ version of the 7/7 London bombings can be had if the leak to London’s The Observer can be deemed credible. On its face, it is a troubling view taken by a government responsible for the security of its citizens. Said the source, “The London attacks were a modest, simple affair by four seemingly normal men using the internet.â€


His telling of the coming UK 7/7 report inspired the following depiction from The Observer:


Far from being the work of an international terror network, as originally suspected, the attack was carried out by four men who had scoured terror sites on the internet. Their knapsack bombs cost only a few hundred pounds, according to the first completed draft of the government’s definitive report into the blasts.


But these four men did far more than ‘scour terror sites on the internet’, and for the UK government to conclude otherwise is mind-boggling. There are clear links to international terror abound. Yes, including al-Qaeda.


The ring-leader, Mohammad Siddique Khan, as well as Shehzad Tanweer, appeared in a video sent to al-Jazeera after the bombing that included Khan’s suicide message and direct praise for the attacks from bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman Zawahiri. If this video came to al-Jazeera from their usual al-Qaeda sources, how did al-Qaeda have Khan’s suicide video beforehand? Perhaps the video did not come directly from al-Qaeda sources and was a third-party montage, but consider the multitude of other factors that would, regardless, make this a mute point.


Khan has also been linked to the mastermind of the Bali bombings, Riduan Isamuddin, better known by his nom de guerre, Hambali. According to al-Qaeda analyst Rohan Gunaratna, author of Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror, Khan had ’met senior leaders of Jemaah Islamiah, including the suspected Bali bombings organiser Hambali.’


Then there’s Mohammed Junaid Babar, the Pakistani native in Queens, NY, who was arrested and admitted to helping set up an al-Qaeda training camp in South Waziristan, Pakistan, sending equipment and cash to an al-Qaeda leader there between the summer of 2003 and February 2004. Babar identified Khan from a photo, saying that he met him at an al-Qaeda terror training camp while he was there. Even more damning, Babar also admitted in 2004 to attempting to buy ammonium nitrate for al-Qaeda “with the knowledge that it was going to be used for a plot somewhere in the U.K.â€







Then there’s the Finsbury Park Masjid connection, where all four 7/7 bombers eventually made their way, as well as all four of the failed 7/21 London bombers and such notables as Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui.








Have the British authorities completely dismissed Haroon Rashid Aswat’s phone calls to the 7/7 bombers in the hours before their attacks? Prior, he had flown to London to choose the targets and organize the attacks. After the 7/7 London bombings, he was captured by Pakistani intelligence wearing a suicide belt and holding $30,000 in cash. Aswat was the al-Qaeda terrorist who began planning for setting up an al-Qaeda camp in Bly, Oregon while there in 1999.


A friend of Khan’s, Omar Sharif, went from Britain to Tel Aviv where he plotted and participated in a bombing that killed five. Khan was in Tel Aviv weeks before the attack and it is believed he was there to run reconnaissance for the mission. An obviously devout Muslim terrorist travels to Tel Aviv, israel. Why?


How did 22-year old Shehzad Tanweer, working at his father’s fish & chips stand, amass a net worth of $210,000? How did he know Australians who attended Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist training camps in Pakistan? Perhaps they went to ‘school’ together? Pakistan said USS Cole bombing suspects had confessed that bin Laden asked LeT to recruit volunteers “for suicide missions to be undertaken on behalf of al-Qaeda.â€


How did the “seemingly normal man using the internet†personally know Osama Nazir, a Pakistani who bombed a church in Islamabad that killed five, including two Americans, among other attacks?


What’s more, Saudi Arabia warned MI6 of intelligence learned about tube attacks in December 2004, and said that a captured Saudi terrorist, having just returned from Iraq, said that he had been tasked with funding London transit attacks, planned to occur over the first six months of 2005. This is not to suggest that this intelligence - or other intelligence via Saudi Arabia - proves negligence on the part of British authorities for not preventing the attacks. It does, however, open up the possibility of yet another connection between ‘international terrorism’ and what Britain seems to consider ‘web-surfing bombers’ who appear perfectly normal. This link may have been solidified by intelligence gained in Iraq from the hard drive of a captured terrorist which “showed ‘knowledge’ of the [7/7] attacksâ€. While possible, considering the reaction of those immediately involved, it is unlikely that the nature of the ‘knowledge’ was simply a downloaded news clip.


The apparent forthcoming ‘official’ British version of the events leading up to the 7/7 attacks that saw 56 bodies ripped apart and lives stolen in London is clearly disturbing in light of evidence to the contrary of the ‘web-surfing freelance jihadis’ position. It appears yet another refusal by yet another Western power to acknowledge the nature of the international terrorism threat, even when confronted with the blood and shattered flesh of its own citizens.


One thing is for certain: This is clearly ‘international terrorism’. Their friends had traveled to Tel Aviv to blow up civilians in markets, and Khan himself possibly ran recon on the area during his own visit. Further, Khan had Haroon Aswat’s phone number, not his web page, and Khan & Tanweer were attending LeT terrorist training camps, not visiting you are not allowed to post links yetLeT(contact admin if its a beneficial link). Khan knew other al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists personally, including the Pakistani church bomber, among others.


Yet even still, there are those in Britain who will draw comfort from the angry web-browsing conclusion. Consider one British professor who insists that the deadly bombings were merely “a demonstration†and not terrorism. Professor Ron Greaves of the University of Chester insists, “Terrorism is a political word which always seems to be used to demonise people.†Lest we demonize those who murder 56 commuters for the sin of being British.


Thankfully, not all are drinking from the ‘official cup’. One quoted London official, Patrick Mercer, sees any such position taken by the report as merely a prelude to a showdown in Britain, saying, “A series of reports such as this narrative simply does not answer questions such as the reduced terror alert before the attack, the apparent involvement of al-Qaeda and links to earlier or later terrorist plots.â€


Britain will need all of the Robert Mercers they can muster on the heels of the latest report that there are over 400 terror suspects on the loose in the UK, and over 600 “if all those thought to have returned from combat training in camps in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere are included.†Prudence would dictate.


One wonders if those returning from ‘combat training’ might be linked to international terrorism. Then again, perhaps they are also just ‘seemingly normal men using the internet’, like Khan and Tanweer.

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There are no lies on my behalf yasnov , i simply did not have the time this afternoon , to take a stubborn child by the hand [you] and stick the truth under your nose .

who talked about lies, taj?


you came back after a few hours just to say you had no time to prove it, but had time to dredge up stuff from your propaganda sites from the bottom of the internet.




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Better bone up on your reading comprehension Yasnov , I said I was too busy this afternoon and DID come back and provided facts ....but here are more for the slow of mind and the decietfull :


Abu Hamza and the 7/7 bombers

Preacher who incited murder jailed for 7 years

Cleric's Masjid used to shield suicide terrorists

By Sean O’Neill and Daniel McGrory

ABU HAMZA AL-MASRI, who was jailed for seven years yesterday for inciting murder and racial hatred, preached his message of violence to three of the July 7 London suicide bombers.


The Times has learnt that Mohammad Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer and Jermaine Lindsay, who detonated rucksack bombs on London Tube trains, visited Finsbury Park Masjid where Abu Hamza taught that Muslims were obliged to kill unbelievers to defend Islam.


Khan and Tanweer heard the cleric’s sermons inside the North London Masjid. They and Lindsay were also among crowds that heard Abu Hamza preach on the street after the building was closed in a police raid in 2003.


The link between Abu Hamza, 47, and the bombers, who killed 52 people and themselves, raises a possible new explanation for the timing of the attacks.


Related Links

Hooked on Hamza

Hate's reward

Already hooked on poison

On the morning of July 7 Abu Hamza was in the dock at the Old Bailey about to stand trial. But his case was postponed for six months. It resumed last month, concluding when a jury of seven men and five women returned unanimous guilty verdicts on eleven of fifteen charges.


Abu Hamza, who refused to recognise the court because it did not administer Islamic law, remained seated as the verdicts were delivered.


Sentencing him, Mr Justice Hughes said: “You used your authority to legitimise anger and to encourage your audiences to believe that it gave rise to a duty to murder.


“You commended suicide bombing, you encouraged them to kill in the cause you set out for them.†He added that the radical imam had “created a real danger to the lives of innocent people in different parts of the worldâ€.


The judge said that in handing down a seven-year sentence he was aware that upon release Abu Hamza was likely to be rearrested and extradited to the United States where he faces serious terrorist charges, including conspiracy to take hostages.


Abu Hamza was led away to begin his sentence at Belmarsh high-security jail in southeast London.


Mudassar Arani, Abu Hamza’s solicitor, said that her client was “a prisoner of faith†who believed that he had been subjected to “a slow martyrdomâ€.


The charges against Abu Hamza, a father of seven, were based on hours of videotapes of his sermons. He urged training for holy war, told congregations that the Holocaust and Hitler were sent from God to punish the Jews and repeatedly urged the killing of kuffars (non-believers). “There is no drop of liquid that is loved by Allah more than the liquid of blood,†he preached.


Abu Hamza, whose appearance made him a hero to his followers — he lost his hands and an eye to a landmine in Afghanistan — also taught that suicide bombing was legitimate and that “martyrs†would be rewarded in paradise.


Among the hundreds of potential terrorists who passed through Finsbury Park was Khan, 30, the ringleader of the 7/7 bombers, who first went to the Masjid in in 2002. He returned several times with Tanweer and the pair slept the night in the building.


Lindsay, 19, first heard the cleric speak during his street sermons which became a rallying point for young Muslim radicals from around the country.


Detectives are still examining surveillance footage to establish if Hasib Hussain, the fourth 7/7 bomber, was ever in the crowds at Finsbury Park.


Abu Hamza’s lawyers made a last-ditch attempt to have the trial stopped yesterday because of the row over newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Within minutes of the judge rejecting that application the jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts on six charges of soliciting murder and three of inciting race hate.


The jury also convicted the preacher of possessing offensive tapes with the intention of distributing them. More than 3,000 recordings were found in his home in West London. He was also found guilty of a charge under the Terrorism Act of possessing an item of use to terrorists, the Encyclopaedia of Afghani Jihad.

Edited by Taj

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Here's more Yasnov ....do try to read and comprehend .


London bomb mastermind was Bin Laden bodyguard - recruited for Al Qaeda at Finsbury Park Masjid

July 30, 2005



MIM: The arrest of the London bombing mastermind who was under surveillance and the escape of another failed London bomber to Italy 5 days after the attacks points to some alarming security failures.



Tangled web that still leaves worrying loose ends

The arrest of Haroon Rashid Aswat sets numerous questions, say Richard Woods, David Leppard and Mick Smith



(you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yettimesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2087-1715122,00.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yettimesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2087-1715122,00.html[/url]


Three weeks after the first London bombings, British and American security sources are giving markedly different versions of how much was known about the bombers before the attacks and who masterminded them.


According to US intelligence sources, a man now being held in Zambia is Haroon Rashid Aswat, a Briton of Indian origin who has links to a convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist. They believe he assisted or masterminded the London attacks.




But British investigators, examining whether telephone calls were made between the London bombers and Aswat before the attacks of 7/7, caution that the calls may have been made to a phone linked to Aswat, rather than the man himself.


Some of the mobile phones used by the 7/7 bombers have been recovered from the scenes of the explosions. Even though they are badly damaged, forensic telecommunications experts have had some success in recovering vital data relating to outgoing calls, text messages and voice mail.


Those details are allowing investigators to draw up a network of "concentric circles" around the four dead men, an exercise that has already led them to identify some of those who may have helped the bombers.


This weekend it appears that several calls from Aswat's mobile telephone were made to the bombers in the days before the attacks. It is likely that the American National Security Agency — which has a powerful eavesdropping network — was monitoring the calls. If contacts between the bombers and Aswat are proved, it could be a painful blow for British security officials.


In the weeks before the attacks Aswat, according to American officials, was under surveillance in South Africa and US authorities wanted to arrest him for questioning.


The South Africans are believed to have relayed the request to British authorities who were reluctant to agree to him being seized because of his status as a British citizen. The US, it is claimed, wanted to take control of Aswat using a process known as "extraordinary rendition", which would bypass the normal extradition process and may have resulted in him being flown to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba or a country that allows torture.


However, questions are also being asked about whether the British did not wish to have Aswat arrested because he was seen as a useful source of information. To some, British intelligence is too willing to let terrorist suspects run in the hope of gathering useful leads and other information.


In the weeks before the London attacks a man said to be Aswat may have entered the UK, though British security officials think this may be a case of mistaken identity.


What seems clearer is that he either slipped his surveillance or was allowed to move on from South Africa. He was seized in Zambia on July 21, according to the Foreign Office, the day the second wave of would-be suicide bombers struck. On Friday, British officials had yet to be granted access to him.


As a potential mastermind of the London attacks, Aswat has connections and a past that are almost too neat a fit. Now 31, he was brought up in Dewsbury, near Leeds, where Mohammad Sidique Khan, one of the London bombers, lived. He left the area 10 years ago and is believed to have travelled to training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is said to have told investigators in Zambia that he was once a bodyguard for Osama Bin Laden.


When Aswat returned to Britain he attended the Finsbury Park Masjid in north London, which was a hotbed of radicalism in the late 1990s and early 2000s.


Reda Hassaine, an Algerian journalist who worked as an informant for the British and French security services, witnessed Aswat recruiting young men at the Masjid to the cause of Al-Qaeda.


"Inside the Masjid he would sit with the new recruits telling them about life after death and the obligation of every Muslim to do the jihad against the unbelievers," said Hassaine last week. "All the talk was about killing in order to go to paradise and get the 72 virgins."


Aswat also showed potential recruits videotapes of the mujaheddin in action in Bosnia and Chechnya.


"He used to tell them look at your brothers, the mujaheddin. All of them are now in paradise living next to the prophet," said Hassaine.


"He was always wearing Afghan or combat clothes. In the evening he offered some tea to the people who would sit with him to listen to the heroic action of the mujaheddin before joining the cleric for the finishing touch of brainwashing.


"The British didn't seem to understand how dangerous these people were."


Among the extremists who attended the Masjid were Richard Reid, the "shoe bomber", and Asif Hanif, a British suicide bomber who blew himself up in a Tel Aviv bar in 2003 killing three others and injuring 60.


While Aswat was closely connected with the Finsbury Park Masjid, he was sent to America to meet a known Al-Qaeda activist. US investigators accuse him of being one of the "co-conspirators" of Earnest James Ujaama, who co-operated with US authorities after being charged in 2002 for planning to recruit and train jihadists in the US.


Aswat is said by US investigators to have travelled from London to Oregon in November 1999 to meet Ujaama and scout out a potential jihad training "ranch". In the end the conspirators did not proceed with it.


There are other concerns. If Aswat knew the London bomber Khan, it would also link him to a group uncovered last year who allegedly were planning a large bomb attack. Under Operation Crevice, police arrested eight men after finding a large quantity of explosive material in a garage in west London.


During that investigation, Khan's name surfaced on the periphery, but he was deemed no threat and not pursued. Some US investigators now claim another name also surfaced during Operation Crevice: that of Germaine Maurice Lindsay. He became another of the 7/7 bombers — and US authorities claim he was also on a watch list of suspected terrorists when he caused carnage at King's Cross.


However, British security sources deny Lindsay's name cropped up in Operation Crevice. And investigators say there is no hard evidence of what role, if any, Aswat played in the London attacks. Scotland Yard sources say he is not considered a priority in their criminal investigation into the July 7 and July 21 attacks. But senior Whitehall officials do not rule out the possibility there my be links to one or more of the bombers.


"I don't think the evidence is conclusive either way," one official was reported as saying in the US.


Senior Whitehall officials also deny "any knowledge" that he might be an agent for either MI5 or MI6.


The differences between the US and British agencies are symptomatic of a simmering distrust. Leaving aside the differences over Aswat, some aspects of the attacks increasingly point to an organising mind beyond the immediate bombers.


For five days after the first attacks, enough bomb-making material to kill scores of people sat in a car at Luton station before police discovered it. There was at least one completed explosive device and about 15 other items.


That finding remains a worrying loose end in the investigation. Why would the four bombers, intent on killing themselves, leave behind so much material in a car for which they had bought a seven-day parking ticket? A number of hypotheses are possible. The bombers may have bought the parking ticket in order not to arouse suspicion, and they may have chosen not to carry all the explosives they had prepared.


Another possibility is that the bombers were duped and had intended to return to their car. Were they told to plant their bombs in the belief they were timed to explode later than they did? Alternatively, was there a fifth bomber who dropped out at the last moment and abandoned his explosives and the car? Or was explosive material left behind deliberately for other terrorists to collect? Late last week, Scotland Yard was still refusing to say exactly what type of explosive was used in the 7/7 and 21/7 attacks on the grounds that doing so might prejudice its investigations.


But experts believe both sets of bombers used home-made explosives concocted from readily available household products.


Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan police commissioner, warned that the 21/7 attackers were not "the B team", despite the failure to detonate their bombs fully. "They made one mistake. We are very, very lucky."

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Start refuting at any time you please Yasnov :



Western Resistance







"The battle, Sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." Patrick Henry





August 16, 2006

UK: The Masjid Sermons That Attracted Terror Suspects

There is a report in today's Sun which I believe carries a glaring error, as it appears to state that the East London Masjid in Whitechapel, whose chairman Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari is also the head of the Muslim Council for Britain, hosted the Jamaican convert preacher, Abdullah al-Faisal, the subject of a WR report..


Faisal, who was convicted on 24 February 2003 (later sentenced to nine years' jail, reduced on appeal to seven), for three charges of racial incitement and three of "soliciting murder" of Jews, Americans and Hindus, did live in east London, in Stratford. He was a regular imam at a Masjid in Brixton, but travelled the country giving sermons.


The Sun states that one of the suspects in Operation Overt, the investigation into an air terror plot which could have led to suicide bombers destroying US-bound planes, would travel from his home in High Wycombe every Sunday to see the sermons of Faisal, at "the East London Masjid in Whitechapel every Sunday."


The suspect is car salesman Shazad Khuram Ali, and while I do not doubt that he traveled to an east London Masjid, I have my doubts if it is the one whose chairman is Dr Bari, whose address is 46-92, Whitechapel Road. The Masjid may have been the Masjid-e-Umer in Walthamstow but not the one in Whitechapel. If the Sun is correct in this detail, it would be political dynamite, and cast doubt on the Masjid's press release, which states: "No messages of intolerance or hate are ever preached from the Masjid. Our pulpit is a place for the expression of positive values, in line with the Masjid's strong commitment to community cohesion. "


But the Sun is probably correct in its other details. We mentioned yesterday in an article on 26-year old Assad Sarwar, another High Wycombe suspect, that promotional literature from Abdullah al-Faisal began to be left at a local Masjid in High Wycombe.


A friend of 27-year old Shahzad Khuram Ali said that the suspect would travel to Faisal's sermons "most Sundays."


Another suspect from High Wycombe is 29-year old Waseem Kayani, who acted as a volunteer driver for Abu Hamza, whom he had met at the Old Bailey trial of Abdullah el-Faisal.


The sermons of Abdullah al-Faisal, who was born Trevor William Forrest in Jamaica, were inspired by his religious education in Wahhabi Saudi Arabia. Saudi religious authorities paid for him to come to Britain in 1991, where he became imam of Brixton Masjid. He lived off state benefits. He had said to police that he had been sent to Britain by Sheikh Rajhi, apparently one of the members of the Al-Rajhi family in Saudi Arabia, often accused of supporting international terrorism.


A friend of Hamza, some of those who attended the former's sermons would also attend those of Faisal. One such person was Zacarias Moussaoui, the member of the 9/11 cell, who visited the Brixton Masjid and also the Finsbury Park Masjid where Hamza had been the imam. Another visitor at both Masjids was Richard Reid, the shoe bomber.


Faisal would be expelled from the Brixton Masjid, as Hamza would be expelled from the Finsbury Park Masjid, and both were eventually convicted on near-identical charges.


In May this year, newly-appointed Home Secretary John Reid told the House of Commons that one of the four suicide bombers of 7/7, Jermaine Lindsay, had been "strongly influenced" by the sermons of Abdullah al-Faisal.


There was a connection with other 7/7 bombers. The Sunday Times reported that Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer had attended the Al-Madina Masjid Masjid in Beeston. The imam of this Masjid, Hamid Ali, claimed that the 7/7 bombers were al-Faisal's "children". Faisal actually preached at this Masjid on three separate occasions.


Abdullah al-Faisal's sermons were placed on audiocassette and DVD by Amar Iqbal, an Islamist from Ashton-Under-Lyne near Manchester. These sermons were sold at Islamic bookshops around the country. Jermaine Lindsay had some of these in his home, which he would regularly listen to.


The funding of both Hamza and Faisal are intriguing. State benefits do not allow for easy travel up and down the country, yet during his trial the judge, Peter Beaumont, received a letter posted in Scotland, in which he was offered £50,000 ($94,785) to cancel the case.


Faisal even urged his followers to rob banks to gain funds, according to AKI, quoted on Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch: "Do you, like many, cry because you are poor? If so, wage jihad! Look at all the money stashed away in Swiss banks. There's bank in Brunei where King Fahd has deposited 30 million dollars. If you are suffering from poverty, wage jihad and see the money pour into your hands."


In other taped sermons, he said that Mother Theresa and members of the Royal Family would burn in Hell. He says in a tape called "Judgement Day" that Princess Diana and Prince Philip would be "tossed into the hellfire to abide forever". In another entitled "Rules of Jihad" he said: "You have to learn how to shoot. You have to learn how to fly planes, drive tanks and you have to learn how to load your guns and to use missiles."


He said it was acceptable for Jews, Americans and Hindus to be murdered with chemical weapons. He advised that: "Even if you are hit by a cruise missile the pain will feel like a mosquito bite".


His hatred of America was open. He said of Clinton: "He killed innocent Muslims because he wanted to save his presidency after he was disgraced at home, and he has the audacity to say when he bombed two Muslim countries that it wasn't an attack on Islam. What Muslim on earth would believe that?"


"You all have to strike against America anywhere in the world you are. Is that clear? You have to learn how to shoot, to fly planes, to drive tanks and you have to learn how to load your guns and to use missiles."


On Hindus, he claimed: "You can use chemical weapons to exterminate the non-believer. If you have ####roaches in your house you can spray them, yes with chemicals, chemicals. Who has more dignity, the ####roach or the unbeliever? If you spray the ####roach, spray the Hindu."


"There are two religions in the world today, the right one and the wrong one - Islam versus the rest of the world."


On terrorism, he said: "Liberty can never be achieved by democracy. The way forward can never be the ballot; the way forward is the bullet. Islam was spread by the sword, today it has got to be spread by the Kalashnikov."


And justifying war against the infidel, he said: "When you have a legitimate target you strike at it. If women and children die they are collateral damage"


And yet he described himself thus: "I am a dove, not a hawk."


After his conviction, his Pakistani-born and burka-wearing wife, Zubaida Khan, tried to justify her husband's sermons in their "true" context. She said: "When he said, 'If you see a Hindu walking down the road you are allowed to kill him and take his money', he was talking about a war-like situation such as the problems between Muslims and Hindus in Kashmir."


She added: "When he said, 'How wonderful it is to kill a kaffir, he was quoting from holy scriptures. He is a man of God, a good father, and a very good husband. If he were a terrorist, he would not have chosen to speak in public."


Al-Faisal preached at Manchester, Worthing, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Swansea, and Birmingham, among other venues. His sermons are full of incitement to hate. At his trial, the court heard how he promised to his followers, some merely schoolboys, that those who killed unbelievers in a holy war would receive 72 virgins as their reward.


Though there was no proof that Faisal was an active Al Qaeda member, he certainly knew James Ujaama, who has been said to be a member.


When he was convicted, there were gasps of surprise from his supporters in the gallery. Outside the court a supporter, Muhammed Abdul-Mutakabbir said: "This is an injustice. Because Sheikh El-Faisal has been convicted, so has the Koran." During the trial, prosecutor David Parry said that Faisal was a "fanatic and extremist" who had tried to exonerate himself by stating that the Koran was on trial.


The tapes and DVDs of Al-Faisal's sermons are easy to copy. Terrorism always starts with an idea, a concept. Despite the protestations of many Muslim so-called "leaders" that terrorism is a reaction to government policy, it is still required for there to be an initial idea, a "philosophical" justification for terrorism.


The actions of Faisal and Hamza were catalysts for the radicalizing of Britain's young Muslim population. The sad truth is that Britain's police and intelligence services did nothing to stop these preachers of hate until long after their poisonous preachings had affected the minds of a generation. In the case of Hamza's investigation, US and French intelligence officials were astounded at the reluctance of British security to clamp down on Hamza. It appeared that they believed that by allowing the sermons at Finsbury Park Masjid to continue, they could easily monitor the comings and goings of Hamza's associates.


But preaching involves the transmission of ideas. While nothing was done to prevent them, the ideas spread by Hamza and Faisal spread like a contagion, and now we are finding in reports of 9/11's Moussaoui, the shoe bomber Richard Reid, the 7/7 bombers and now the current crop of suspects who apparently wished to create "murder on an unimaginable scale", that the sermons and teachings of Abdullah al-Faisal are still having their influence.

Edited by Taj

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The four guilty July 21 bombers

Police let bombers slip net

Muktar Said Ibrahim

The self-styled "emir", or leader, of the gang. He galvanised his friends, turning them from young radicals, playing football and discussing politics, to activists ready to commit mass murder.


In court the 29-year-old claimed the failed attacks were merely a demonstration against the war in Iraq. But one co-defendant said Ibrahim wanted something "bigger and better" than the 7/7 bombings.


Ibrahim came to Britain aged 13 from Eritrea in 1990 with his family to escape war with Ethiopia. They settled in Stanmore, north west London, and Ibrahim left Canons High School in Edgware aged 16 with two GCSEs. But he was known as a playground bully and the "muscle" in a street gang.


A former schoolmate Wayne Howard, now a designer, said: "He was a trouble maker, part of a group which had to be split up. I wouldn't say he was the leader at school, he was more of a follower, just there for the violence."


Ibrahim and a friend called Abdi became regulars at the Coconut Club in Hatfield. Abdi had all the girlfriends. "Muktar never had a girlfriend," said one of the gang. "He liked white girls but he was into mistreating them and calling them bitches."


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The gang carried out dozens of street robberies in Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage, Letchworth and Royston, with Ibrahim claiming he mugged people to feed his cannabis addiction.


But the young robber wept when he was convicted for the robbery. Serving five years at Aylesbury Young Offenders Institution, he began using the gym and hanging out with the hardest criminals, at the same time turning to Islam. All the while, his hate for his adopted country grew. "He hated this country to bits," said the gang member.


Granted early release in September 1998, he began to be drawn in by the extremist preachings of the cleric Abu Hamza, attending Finsbury Park Masjid.


His "dream" was jihad and he travelled to Sudan and Pakistan to learn his trade, possibly training alongside Mohammed Sidique Khan, the ringleader of the July 7 bombs.


Ibrahim was granted British citizenship in July 2004 - a year before he was arrested as a terrorist.


In 2003 he used a forged immigration document to obtain a British passport and travel to Sudan for two months, talking of firing a rocket-propelled grenade on his return.


He was also going on training camps in the Lake District and Scotland where he would learn outdoor activities in preparation for jihad.


In October 2004, he was arrested for a public order offence while handing out literature and two months later, while on bail, he set off on a trip to Pakistan.


On his return, months before the attacks, he wrote on a pad of "Martyrdom in the Path of God" as well as "Initiating substance 3g" and "Explosive Substances 5kg."


Yassin Omar

It was Yassin Omar's idea to attack the country he had lived in for 13 years.


He hatched the plot with his friend, Muktar Ibrahim, and Omar's flat in north London became the "factory" used to mix the bombs.


His home was packed with extremist videos and tapes and 26-year-old Omar listened to the radical Abu Hamza preaching. The court saw film of him fleeing London dressed as a woman wearing a burkha.


Born in Somalia, Omar came to Britain in 1992, aged 10, and was raised by Christian foster parents, Bernice Campbell and Steven Lamb.


At 18, Enfield council gave him the tenancy of the ninth-floor council flat in Curtis House, New Southgate.


Mr Lamb described him as a "good teenager" who was "left to his own devices" once he reached 18. "So he goes to the Masjid, he gets food, he gets people to talk to and you've got like-minded people and you've got radicals."


Mr Lamb said Omar had enjoyed football, supporting Liverpool, and would go clubbing with friends. Gradually he became involved with Islamic teaching and attending Friday prayers, sometimes at Finsbury Park Masjid. He dropped out of a science course at Enfield College, where his notes were covered in passages from the Koran.


He told his sisters to pray more and scorned his brother-in-law for drinking alcohol. Omar told him: "The West hates Islam. People should rise up as Muslims to fight this."


He "married" his wife, Fardosa, 17, four days before the bombings, although she was not present at the Masjid.


Hussain Osman

As a teenager, Hussain Osman was known as a ladies man and nicknamed Bambi because of his dark eyes and thick lashes.


He worshipped American culture, hip-hop music, women and dancing and so his transformation into a terrorist is the most mysterious of all the convicted plotters.


Born Hamdi Issac Adus in Ethiopia in 1978, he moved to Italy at the age of 14 and from there travelled to Britain.


On his arrival in the late 1990s he claimed his name was Hussain Osman and said he was from war-torn Somalia. He later admitted that this was a deception designed to increase his chances of getting asylum.


He lived first in west London and then in south London where he met and married a Christian Ethiopian girl and had two boys - aged six and two when he launched his attacks.


His wife converted to Islam and they lived in a council flat at Blair House, on Stockwell Road.


Osman became a familiar figure in south London wearing Islamic clothing and riding a mountain bike, but he had joined the radicals at Finsbury Park Masjid and hoped to spread their message to local Masjids.


In March 2004 the Home Office granted him leave to remain but two months later he was on a training camp in the Lake District. In October 2004 he is thought to have travelled to Mecca.


ln his home stereo was a cassette, the Rules of Jihad. There was also a book in which he had written "saved from the punishment of the grave" and a list of "four questions you will be asked before you enter Paradise or hell."


Ramzi Mohammed

He was the only attacker who left a suicide note, telling his wife and two children not to weep for him but to rejoice and put their faith in Allah.


On July 21, on the Tube at Oval, he proved his ruthlessness by deliberately standing next to a young mother with a child in a pushchair when he pressed the trigger on his suicide bomb.


Mohammed, 25, was born in Somalia and said his father and older brother were taken away by soldiers after the family fled to a refugee camp during the country's civil war.


He fled to Britain, aged 17, and was put into the care of social services in Slough, Berks, then housed in Hayes, Middlesex, a year later. He met Hussain Osman, who had arrived in Britain from Ethiopia via Italy and they went partying and "chasing girls".


Mohammed was granted temporary leave to remain in Britain. It was made permanent three months before he set off on his mission in July 2005.


Mohammed worked at bars in Waterloo station and met a girl called Azeb, a non-Muslim originally from Sweden.


They moved to the Elephant and Castle area in south London and in July 2000 had a son followed by another boy three years later.


Mohammed's younger brother began taking his religion more seriously in 2000, around two years after they arrived in Britain. Mohammed eventually followed suit and had to leave his job because he could not serve alcohol.


He left his girlfriend because she would not convert, throwing out his rap records and computer games console. He moved through a series of jobs and was also running a "dawar" stall in Goldhawk Road, west London, handing out free books and tapes to propagate Islam. He joined marches against the war in Iraq.


In early 2005, Mohammed moved into a housing association flat in Dalgarno Gardens, North Kensington, and set about decorating, hanging a picture of Mecca on the wall, which had been given to him by Azeb.


By then she was also practising Islam, praying five times a day and wearing full Islamic dress.


Mohammed's suicide note to her read: "My family, don't cry for me but instead rejoice in happiness and love what I have done for the sake of Allah. My children, be good Muslims and obey your mother … and we shall meet again in paradise God willing."


The couple eventually married in Belmarsh high security prison.


Mohammed said he tried to learn Arabic at Southwark College and gave up but he was said to have scribbled in Arabic on his cell wall.


The words said: "Al-Qa'eda is a book that guides and a sword that gives victory."

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did you understand what i asked you taj? i asked you names of their teachers.




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Hows Abu hamza and Saad al-Fagih for starts :


Secrets of the Masjid




On a cold, wet Friday, afternoon, the Central Masjid in North London is crammed with nearly 1,500 men who fill four floors of prayer halls, spilling over into the corridors. There are more people than the Masjid can accommodate. On the third floor, behind a large wooden rostrum flanked by several microphones and facing a television camera tripod, is Abu Hamza al-Masri, 43, wearing a long gray robe and a skullcap. The curtains on the windows are drawn to deter zoom lenses and sniper rifles. The first thing you notice about Abu Hamza is the metal hook on his right arm. The preacher lost both hands and an eye during a raid in Afghanistan eight years ago. Soft-spoken, but with a wry sense of humor, Abu Hamza is delivering his Friday lunchtime khutba (sermon), which is piped to other parts of the Masjid — including a basement in an adjoining building where burka-clad women have gathered, segregated from the men. The small, redbrick Masjid in the Finsbury Park neighborhood is ground zero for radical Muslims in Britain, and its imam, Abu Hamza, is as radical as they come.


His audience — mostly young, Middle Eastern men, with a sprinkling of South Asians and Afro-Caribbeans — sit cross-legged, with their heads down as they listen intently to the sermon. Obstructing the doorway is a bearded middle-aged man with two young sons. Many of the worshippers wear woolen hats or skullcaps. Others improvise with handkerchiefs tied over their heads. Egyptian-born Abu Hamza, who has lived in Britain since 1978, preaches fluently in English even though it isn't his native language. He laces his sermons with attacks on British foreign policy and Prime Minister Tony Blair, but reserves his most scathing comments for President George W. Bush and his "axis of evil." I am there to see for myself what is being preached in Britain's Masjids, particularly the ones that promote jihad above everything else.


As a Muslim with family in the U.K., I was curious to see how — or if — the religion of my childhood could be interpreted as hateful and bellicose. When I lived in Britain as a student 20 years ago, jihad was something you only read about in history books. But Afghanistan brought jihad to life for all Muslim ummah (people), particularly those who had made Europe or America their home. European Masjids and Islamic groups supported the foot soldiers in Afghanistan's holy war against the Russians. Now they seem unable or unwilling to disentangle themselves from the complex network of al-Qaeda and jihadist icon, Osama bin Laden. While he doesn't come across as a fiery speaker who can mesmerize a crowd, Abu Hamza's careful choice of words gives him away. He calls all non-Muslims kuffar (infidels), and repeatedly talks about the necessity and importance of jihad. "It is the duty of Muslims to fight all man-made laws that are being used to subjugate human beings," he says. Bush and Blair aren't the only kuffar against whom Abu Hamza wants to wage jihad. He is equally scathing when it comes to the governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan and Jordan. "Many of the rulers of Muslim countries have apostated or become disbelievers because they have made laws that either oppose or cancel the laws of God."


It's just that sort of talk that makes Abu Hamza the most watched Islamic preacher in Europe — watched not just by Western intelligence operators, but also by intelligence agencies of a half a dozen Muslim nations as well. Several Muslim countries have urged Britain to deny Abu Hamza his platform. When a young Saudi or Egyptian or Yemeni lands in London as a refugee or a student, one of the first things he hears about is Finsbury Park. Though Masjids everywhere give temporary refuge to visitors, Abu Hamza's usually has several dozen men sleeping in the basement. The Masjid is "a place of worship. It's a house of God," Abu Hamza says. "I welcome anyone from anywhere, especially refugees who have no place to go." Suspected shoe bomber Richard Reid stayed at Finsbury Park for several nights, as did many others now languishing in prisons around Europe charged with aiding or abetting terrorism.


Abu Hamza practices what he preaches. He lost his hands and eye in one holy war and sent his teenage son and stepson on another, to Yemen. He urges his congregation to do the same. "There is a special reward for those who go out to fight, and there is a special place for them in heaven and a lower place for those who receive no hurt and sit at home." By now the assembled crowd is nodding. At exactly 1:30 p.m. he abruptly ends his sermon and calls for Jumaa (Friday) prayers.


Ten minutes later, as the prayer group disperses, I approach two Arab men. They shake my hand but walk away saying "Sorry, sorry," as I start to talk to them. Many of the men huddle together to chat with each other and light up cigarettes. The only person willing to talk to me is a Bangladeshi shopkeeper who says his name is Basit. I tell him I am a newcomer to the Masjid and wonder why people seem so unfriendly. "Since Sept. 11 everyone who has been inside the Masjid has been filmed or approached by someone," Basit says. "We are fed up with being approached by all sorts of people." He advises me not to talk to anyone, and I walk quietly back to the underground station.


At Finsbury Park you get a sense that everybody is watching everybody else. Some in the congregation deliberately lean against a pillar or a wall with their heads buried in their hands, as if they don't want to be seen. There are others who constantly stare at people as if sizing them up. You stare back, wondering if this guy is Algerian security service or Jordanian security service or somebody connected to the imam or some other independent organization — or maybe just another innocent worshipper. At a dinner with a group of Muslim professionals over the weekend, I asked whether they would want to accompany me to the Finsbury Park Masjid on Friday. "Are you crazy?" said an Indian Muslim banker. Author Ziauddin Sardar agrees: "I certainly wouldn't want to be seen there."

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.....and Abu Izzadeen , and Bakri -whom the U.K. kicked out of the country .


Better for yuou to do some reasearch Yasnov , you don't even know [or admit ] what's going on in your own country , and now you claim to know all about the U.K. ......not likely Yasnov .


Beside , the way your mind processes information , any research on your part is nothing more thana sham .

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:sl: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




I know , don't you think it's time to wake up ?



I've known about the Finsbury Masjid since 1999........I wasn't aslleep but obviously some poor unfortunate parents were .

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still don't understand what i asked you, taj?




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Hi all


Sickening? My reply is sickening?!


Sorry Tam no not your reply i was talking about the party for a terriost killer.



Peace all :sl:

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still don't understand what i asked you, taj?






YOU don't understand what you asked me Yasnov , in fact I don't think you have a connected though in your being . I named the Masjid , and named some of the teachers , all the 7/7 bombers had those two things in common .


Can't make it any plainer than that yasnov .

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you are assuming that they were Masjid goers, taj?




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No assumptions Yasnov , it' s fact . The Brits did their homework , a bit too late , but they know nonetheless .


Go read the articles again Yasnov .


The connections are obvious........and all this should be no surprise to anyone , the Finsbury Masjid has neen notorious for its hate speech and incitement .


If I knew this in 1999 , dont you think the brits knew ? Of course they did , but they were too involved trying to be PC .


They finally kicked Bakri out of the country , but by that time it was already too late.


Really yasnov , do you think no one reads or pays attention to what's going on ???



Before you make your arguments ....know the subject matter ......you've been winging it all along in just about every area , and your trick of answering a question with a question does not fly .



And do try to refrain from bringing Hiroshima in this argument or your ludicrous Eisenhower massacre .

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if they were such Masjid goers, why one of them went partying the night before the incident occurred, taj?




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