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Sister_truth's Secret Special

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:D/Peace to non-muslims,


It's controversial but im going to give away my secret recipe. :D

It's very yummy, takes along time but well worth the wait...


(Serves 5-7 ppl)


1kg Beef or Lamb (Halal of course)

3 Canned diced roma tomatos

3 Tablespoons Tomato paste

Bahrat spices (or All spice)

2 cloves of Garlic

2 Onions

4 Potatos

2 Tablespoons of Ghee


Get a huge pot, either an electric one or just one to put on the stove, preferably non-stick.

*Please note, These measurements are just as a guide, I never follow the measurements, just do it as you desire*


1. Chop Onion

2. Fry in Ghee

3. Put in meat

4. Cook untill it loses red colour (2-5 mins)

5. Add crushed garlic

6. Season with spices (covering all meat lightly)

7. Mix around so all meat has some spice on it

8. cook for a futher one min

9. add tomato paste

10. Stir untill all meat is covered lightly in tomato paste

11. add tin toms and use the cans to fill with water, not to waste any tomato in the can.

12. meat should be covered in the juices but not drowning, add more water if they arent covered.

13. Put on a med-low heat

14. cook for an hour


*Relax for 45 mins, keep checking on it though, juices will evapourate so keep adding water and stiring so it doesnt stick to the bottom*


15. peel and chop potatos into 4 pieces each.

16. add potatos and more water if needed.

17. Cook for another hour


*Relax for an hour, keep checking on it, keep adding water and stiring so it doesnt stick to the bottom, stop adding water half way through this hour.*


18. turn off the heat

19. with a big spoon, mash the potatos while in the pot

20. stir all around (consistancy should be thick and meat should be extremely tender.

21. Serve with my onion rice recipe.

23. Bismillah and enjoy!



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The secret's out! :D

It sounds like a good recipe, sis. :D for sharing.

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