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Tandoori Chicken

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... that actually meant, enjoy the recipe (in french :D )


Hello/Peace/Salam to All



Serves 2

1 pint of live natural yogurt

1 Tablespoon Cumin powder

1 Tablespoon garam massala

1 Teaspoon Coriander powder

1 Teaspoon Turmeric powder

1 Teaspoon chilli powder

Juice 1 lemon

8 cloves garlic - crushed

1 inch grated ginger

Red food colouring

4 pieces of skinless chicken on the bone

1 Lemon



Mix the spices, colouring, lemon juice and garlic and ginger up into a paste with a little water and stir in well with the yogurt to make a tandoori marinade. Score the flesh of the chicken and marinate in the marinade for 2-60 hours. Preheat the oven to it's highest heat for at least 20 minutes. Shake off excess marinade and place chicken pieces on a wire rack in the oven. Cook for 20 minutes and check the chicken is cooked by piercing the thickest piece with a skewer, if the juices run clear it's cooked, serve with a wedge of lemon.


I tried it and it's totally FAB! :D





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I love tandoori chicken. I use most of the ingredients in your recipe when making it.

:D for sharing.

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Tandoori chicken my mum made today.

It was still cooking when i took the pic.. you can see the steam



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jazakallah khair baree for sharing it, it illustrates the recipe :D :D


we cooked it yesterday but it was all eaten up before i could take a pic :D


thanx for sharing sis :D



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I saw the title Tandoori Chicken and thought :D must be gooood. :D

Alhumdulilah it is.


Jazakallah Khayr baree sis for sharing the pic. :D


Jazakallah Khayr for sharing the recipe Aamina sis. :D


I should try cooking more inshallah,

in year 11,I got full marks for cooking an Asian dish,mashallah. :D


Ok I made the whole room smell with the Asian spices but it was a great way to get the teachers attention. :D


The dish was small chicken boneless pieces with thickish rice,red,green,yellow peppers,small potato pieces, with tabasco sauce. :D

It came out soooo tasty,I had to make it again,alhumdulilah. :D



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