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Fitna Of Death

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Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahee wa Barakatu

by Muhsinmuttaqi


The acts of worship are like our lives and can be a reminder for our life as a whole:


We may pray the salah and everything is working fine. You begin the Salah with alot of Khushoo and you are very concentrated. You continue praying with khushoo. You pray the first raka'ah perfectly. You then pray the second perfectly. The third and the fourth are with khushoo. Then right before the Salams you suddenly falter and your salah is destroyed. Something happens right before the Salams such as you break your ablution or waswasa is strong or you get destracted in another way. Your prayed perfectly, but in the end the prayer got messed up.


In our lives the same thing can happen. You live a life doing the deeds of the People of Paradise and you are just one step away from Paradise, but then you do the deeds of the people of Hellfire and you die and you mess up everything. We live a good life day in and day out but in the end of it we mess it up and go to hell. This is possible.


Sometimes, I pray perfectly, but in the end of the prayer I fail and mess up the whole prayer or I break wudhu. One time, I even broke my wudhu between the two Salams. You have to steadfast and focussed during the prayer from beginning to the end. If this can happen to the Salah then it can happen to the life in general. This scares me and angers me because in the end I failed. People could be righteous the entire life, but right before death they mess it up.


In our Salah, we should seek refuge from five things:


We seek refuge in Allah from the punishment of the grave, from the punishment in hellfire, from the fitna of life and death, and from evil fitna of the Dajjal.


There is alot to learn about the punishment of the grave, hell, the fitna of life, and the Dajjal, but I want to say something about the Fitna of Death.



We ask Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala to make the best of our deeds the last one, and the best of our lives the end of it, and the best of our days the Day we meet Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. The ending of our lives is a very critical stage of our life. ShaytaanirRajeem knows that this is his last chance to deceive the person, so he devotes his efforts for the dying person. Shaytan emphasizes and gives special attention to the last stage of your life. He knows if he misses you, you are gone. In this stage, we have to be very careful, because the trials of Shaytaan can lead to an evil ending.


Remember, we are going to be resurrected on the thing we died on. If we die while murdering or oppressing people, then we will be resurrected as murderers and oppressors among murderer and oppressors. If we incline towards the oppressors and suddenly die, we will be resurrected with the oppressor on the Day of Judgment, insha'Allah.


Reasons for evil endings can be weak faith, corruption in the belief, diversion from the straight path, and insisting on sinning:


1. Weak faith: People establish this life in dunia, but destroy the life in akhira. Therefore, they hate to go from what they established to what they destroyed when they die. Attachment to dunia and detachment from akhira and competing over dunia, but not over akhira can lead to weak faith which may lead to an evil ending of your life. You may end up hating Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala because he takes you away from this "lovable" dunia.


2. Corruption in the Belief: There may be a Muslim who worships Allah and is practicing all the time, but he has doubts lurking in his heart about Islam. During the fitna of death, he then is put through a test and Shaytaan tries to put more doubt in the persons heart and mind. Shayateen may even assume the personality and physical from of deceased kafir parents or wife or grandparents who tell you that their path was the correct one, while it wasn't. The fallacy in the belief may show up and then can be the factor for the evil ending.


3. Insisting on Sinning: People may be so obsessed with a sin that he will die on that sin. A person may be obsessed with chess or video games and at the time of death, he is not able to pronounce the Shahada, because he is thinking about chess or video games. Some people think they can outsmart Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala by doing what they want until the end of their lives but then they say the Shahada in the end. If you insist on doing a sin or an act that distract you from akhira, you might die on the same sin, and will be resurrected with this sin on your head.


4. Diversion from the Straight Path: This is the most heinous reason for evil endings, because you may not know what the wrong turn begins. A diversion can be very insignificant in the very beginning. To prevent to divert, you have to stay on the Straight Path, and the straight path is QUR'AN-AND-SUNNAH/THE PATH OF THE SALAF.


May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala save us from the Evil Endings and the trials of death. We should fight until angel of death takes our soul.



PS: Death comes unannounced and we have no clue when we die. Therefore, we have to repent right now instead of starting procrastinating to do the good deeds tomorrow. Tomorrow may be too late.



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:j: good post brother,may Allah reward you for every letter there,ameen. :D

Keep them coming :sl:



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Assalamu ALaikum


JazakAllah khair for writing and sharing.


We should, in our daily duas, make dua that we die doing a good deed and that we die with the shahada on our lips.


Ameen to all duas


Assalamu Alaikum

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