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The Reality Of Bin Laden And Jihad In Afghanistan

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as-salamu alaikum warahmatullah

while you think, i would like to add that i have fought in afghanistan when ben laden was not there, and after i came to know him i have voiced my rejection of his khawarij ideas at a time when people were mocking me and following his slogans without thinking about him or his backgound or agenda...i discovered his truth even before ibn baz had those famous exchanges with ben laden after which he declared ben laden's ideas to be khawarij, which they are, while ben laden declared ibn baz as a kafir, which ibn baz isn't...........the younger generation is full of emotion, they have not been through what a part of my generation has been through, and they allow their emotions to cover the truth and do not give much weight to the statements of the scholars or the experience of those who have experience....indeed, at a time when ben laden was sending his aids to the CIA to solicit them for support and weapons and training, which he does not deny doing, i had already discovered what ben laden and his flock are all about: killing women and children, suicide, attacking non-combatants, rising against muslim governments and accusing those who do not agree with their khawarij ideas of being kuffar, even those among us who went to afghanistan to fight the communists before he ever went there and before he spoiled the jihad for those of us who did not share his ideas, costing muslims dearily because of ben laden and their practices........think as much as you want, but the truth is the imams of Islam in our time have declared ben laden to be khawarij based on his ideas and practices, ibn baz declared him as such too.....also, think about this: with a mouth as loud as his, and if he was 'stuck' with something he did not do, how come he never issued a single denial that he was supported by the CIA or that he ordered 911, or that the tapes of confession are 'fake'....some of my close friends were close associates of ben laden, they saw these vidoes and they laugh at the notion of them being fake, they laugh with grief, because even though they left this man before he started his madnenig war against the whole world, others met disasters because, and Allah knows best, they did not listen to our advice, such as wadih el-hajj, and Allah knows how much i tried to convince wadih to shun these khawarij ideas, i once told him, thinking that because he used to be my student he would respect my advice, 'Allah took you out of kufr, you were an arab christian whom Allah has blessed to become muslim, do not take muslims out of Islam (i.e., by khawarij takfeer) after Allah brought you into Islam'.....he did not listen, and i boycotted him in 1992, and i am not sorry i did.....after 911, the same man, wadih, was captured here in the US, and once was taken out of jail for some hearing and he said that he rejected 911 and that killing civilians is not allowed in Islam: big deal, we told you that, but you accused us of being whatever while you were the hero.....this is what i told him, that attacking civilians is not allowed in Islam, but he laughed at me...i only hope and wish that he is still a muslim having been setenced to life in jail without parole and having been away from his kids for years now; my heart is full of sadness for his young seven kids and his wife, my Allah protect them and grant them patience.....what a waste wadih is, full of promise and potential but arrogant enough to accuse muslims who did not share his ideas of beging kuffar..........

so akhee, i speak out of knowledge while many others talk out of nothing more than dreams and emotions and frustration.......

and yes, i do plan to write a book inshaallah on my expreience with the jihad in afghanistan and other areas, because i want the current generation to understand what took place, who did what and who messed up the good jihad that took place in afghanistan that led to the expulsion of the communists......there is a lot more i can and others can say, but my advice to the young men and women of today: use your mind, for the sake of Allah, and learn your religion so that no one can fool you with his ideas or practices............

as-salamu alaikum warahmatullah

jalal abualrub


as-salamu alaikum warahmatullah

i have access to enough documentation that this man and his deputees admit to being behind 911, this has been established beyond the shadow of a doubt even before osama admitted to doing it, and the tapes where he admits his guilt are not fake as some people keep repeating without knowledge, it is silly to suggest that: what more do they need from ben laden to prove that he did it, to visit everyone at home and admit to evey individual to what he did.....if he denied it in the beginning, which i am not aware of, and i need to see specific evidence to it, then this only shows how these people pretend to be the big mujahideen while hiding responsibility for the acts of 'jihad' that they do...he did the same after the attacks on those ships in yemen, then admitted it later on, in a video....in any case, i did not build my certainity that this man did it just on my dislike of him and his group and the khawarij ideas they propagate, but on an experience with them spanning almost 20 years, as well as, the videos and audios that these people issue from their hideouts in the caves that i may have dug with my own hands when i was there.......yet, it amazes me how some muslims keep denying the obvious and acting like they are not living in this world as they think that Islam benefits from denying the errors of some muslims or that the cause of palestine will be affected if we acknowledge that suicide missions are not allowed in Islam regardless of the reason behind them.............so let me adjust my statement, has ben laden ever said that the vidoes where he admits to being behind 911, the videos showing the muhammad ata character (the vodka/strip clubs guy) with a beard(!), the video showing the two young men who went on separate airplanes but had made a video done joining them together in afghansitan promising to burn american cities, has ben laden ever said that these vidoes are fake and that he really did not do it, that he does not know muhammad ata, that he does not agree with the behavior of those who did 911, etc.....we are not talking about one video here, but DOZENS of videos and audios, so numerous and clear in their content that for someone to deny them will be lying and in fact harming the cause of Islam by showing muslims to be naieve and ignorant in their own surroundings and unwilling to admit to the error of some of them.....what stops ben laden now from denying the truth of these tapes, he is not doing anything other than carefully plotting his safe sleep every night planning where he will sleep, and making videos and audios and threatening the east and west....i have known of brothers who when they heard of an attacking soviet jet or bullets coming their direction they tried to show themselves hoping the bullets will hit them in the neck so that they attain shahada; i have never thought of hiding when we were attacked by jets in the mountains of afghanistan at a time when all what i had on me was a machine gun, we went there for shahada, not to hide from it.......i remember a brother, nuruddin, from kurdistan, a salafi, when he was so eager to earn the shahada and one day he came riding a horse and with such a smile on his face as he wanted a means of transportation to go to another front so he can get the shahada, which he got, inshaallah, it is only in the hands of Allah who dies a shaheed, let alone the scent of martyrdom, the misk: i have no doubt that these shuhadaa will never have agreed to deviating this honorable cuase to ending up killing civilians, committing suicide and entering shitte masajid and blowing them up.....inshaallah, i need to write about these issues because the younger generation today grieves me by their lack of interest in the truth, yet talking big about issues they only particpate in them with words....i also need to write on these issues for the brothers and sisters who read for my website, Islamlife, because it will help them be more acceptable of what we say if they know that before some of them were born, we were implementing the rulings of jihad as much as Allah allowed us as foot-soldiers for Islam...

as-salamu alaikum warahmatullah


As-salamu alaikum warahmatullah

My relationship with Abdullah Azzam extended beyond our meetings in the US in the early eighties. When I left the US to Pakistan, then Afghanistan, I resided in Abdullah Azzam's house in Islamabad, taught his kids Arabic Grammar, revised Quran with him, as he started memorizing it at an older age, and wrote the fatwa he collected from the scholars about the necessity of jihad in Afghanistan with my own hands as he dictated it to me. He was happy to collect his Fatwa from Ibn Baz, Ibn Uthaimeen and al-Albany, and he met them personally to collect their Fatwa. His sons were still young then, but they were already showing signs of courage, generosity and intelligence as their father was indeed. Abdullah Azzam is dead now, but I have had such a close relationship with him, read his books and listened to his views long enough to agree with his son completely: there is no way that a real Mujahid, a 'man' like Abdullah Azzam, who was fond of the Salafi creed, the companions and Ibn Taimiyyah, would lower himself to the methods that Ibn Laden used and advocated or condone such terrible acts. How can a Mujahid like him end up killing women and children, attacking civilians, organizing kidnappings & hijackings, attacking places of worship, rising against Muslim governments, accusing other Muslims who do not share his ideas of being Kuffar, or engaging the whole world in this madness that people call jihad, without permission from the Muslim Ummah? In fact, as soon as Bin Laden came with the intention to reside in Afghanistan, he started causing trouble for Abdullah Azzam, who, unlike Bin Laden, had knowledge in Islam and Islamic Law and had the experience that necessitated the Arabs, including me, appointing him as the Ameer of the Arab Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Abdullah Azzam took pride, in the good sense of the word, from being a student of al-Albany, but he was Ikhwan, and many Ikhwan are Salafi in the creed and have studied with Salafi scholars, and I frequently clashed with him because of that, respectfully of course, and about the Salafis and their practices during that era. I ask Allah to forgive him for the statements he made then, but he used to refer to the truth when offered to him, and he declared that his creed was Salafi. I once asked him, "I ask you by Allah! Who, among all groups, has participated more intensely in the jihad in Afghanistan", and he said, 'The Salafis." Azzam had fought the Jews in Palestine among the 'Shuyukh' who were stationed in Jordan before and after the 1967 war. He was about Shariah and Islamic law, he was not about killing women and children, suicide, or engaging the whole world in the madness that Bin Laden did: His and Bin Laden's are two different ideologies with a set of practices that are different in method and goals. I say this while Abdullah Azzam is in the hands of Allah, because he deserves to be thanked for the good he did, even having been frustrated with him for remaining with Ikhwan and criticizing Salafis at a time when he knew and admitted that the Salafis were the fuel of the Arab Mujahideen in Afghanistan. But we are supposed to say the truth, and the truth is Abdullah Azzam was no Osama Bin Laden. Abdullah Azzam suffered at the hands of Bin Laden and his group, the rumors they initiated and Bin Laden openly calling himself the 'Ameer of al-Mujahideen al-Arab' at a time when Abdullah Azzam was alive and worthy of it more than him; Abdullah Azzam was appointed as such before Bin Laden came to the scene, but Khawarij are all about rising against authority, aren't they? There were more disputes between the two sides than many even know of, numerous meetings to resolve the disputes and even a theory of 'conspiracy' as brother Rasheed puts it, about Bin Laden being responsible for Abdullah Azzam's death. However, and regardless of these theories, what remains as a fact is the Fitnah that Bin Laden started as soon as he set foot in Afghanistan and all types of Fitnah he created and was involved in that led to Mujahideen clashing with each other and his luring people to join him because he had money. He essentially bought the jihad as his brother-in-law admitted to me in the Philippines. I, too, was offered a job with Bin Laden and refused, and this happened before Bin Laden started showing signs of Khawarij ideas; I simply resented his lack of knowledge in Islam and his dispute for leadership with those who were far superior to him in every respect. Later on I came to know how much a Khawarij he and his people are, and I dislike Khawarij for the sake of Allah. As for Bin Laden and his initial denial of responsibility for 911, he is a coward and he would do it (you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_archives.cnn(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2001/US/09/16/inv.BinLaden.denial/index.html). But how can his initial lies which did not come in his favorite media, an audio or a video, compete with or stand against the MANY VIDEOS where he clearly mentions 15 of the 19 hijackers, praises them as 'our brothers', mentions Ata of Vodka by name, talks about how he did not expect the buildings to fall with that Saudi handicapped so-called 'Shaykh' (who fled to Iran but could not stay away from the nice life in Saudi, so he ended up promising the King of Saudi, whom his hero Osama called Kafir without justification, that he will not rise against the Saudi government; and when he arrived at Riyadh airport he kissed the ground, on live TV!). There are also videos showing Ata, other participants in 911 with beards and affirming what they were planning to do, and many other videos and statements, let alone the confessions of such Bin Laden heroes as Khalid Sheikh, who did not last more 3 weeks before giving away the secrets of other heroes, who were either captured or killed. THEN, DO NOT FORGET THE TAPED CONFESSION OF BIN LADEN WHERE HE SAID THAT HE DID IT. This is why I am now taking a harsher stance with those who do not seem to recognize or see the deep trouble that Bin Laden put Muslims in: his involvement in 911 led directly to the Christian military occupation of two Muslim countries and the worldwide intensifying of oppression against Islam, even against us Muslims who do not share his ideas and resent his practices. You cannot study this violent character and classify him as Khawarij without analyzing his views and practices in Afghanistan and elsewhere, including his support for the Khawarij in Algeria who killed tens of thousands of Muslim women and children with Bin Laden's money. By the way, I was not criticizing brother Rasheed when I spoke about those who deny the obvious, because he is not one of them and I and he share the same creed. I was just showing my frustration with other people who do not incorporate Islamic knowledge, lessons of history and facts of their surroundings to see clearly how much death and destruction this man and his people have caused and still cause for Islam and Muslims. My opposition to Bin Laden is well-founded, started 20 years ago and developed into my certain belief that this man has revived the way of the most-stern Khawarij of old. I am not alone; scholars like Ibn Baz and other major scholars in Saudi and elsewhere agree that Bin Laden is Khawarij. As for Abdullah Azzam, and Allah knows best, had he lived long enough, I think that he would have declared severing relationship with all groups and asserted his allegiance to the Salafi Dawah which he was already teaching to Afghani commanders in his training camps. My allegiance then as it is now is to the Salafi Dawah and the methods of jihad as established by the Sunnah and in contradiction to Ibn Laden and his group and their ideas and practices. These days, I have to also add that when it was time to join the jihad, I gave my books away, and I had plenty enough to divide these books between three Masajid, left school, having been close to graduating as a chemical engineer, and went to Afghanistan, the Philippines and Africa to help the Mujahideen and then continued supporting the Afghani jihad (until they started killing each other), Burmese Muslims, Thai Mujahideen and Bosnian Muslims in their struggle with oppressors and murderers when I was a manager for a charity organization in Dubai. I have never claimed to be a leader of jihad; I always wanted to be a foot soldier, but I think that unlike most others who talk, I talk having done action before that. This is because I see people today who have not engaged in any type of jihad except the jihad of talking, who like Bin Laden and his evil ideas and practices, who say, "You Salafis only talk about Aqeedah when Muslims are dying." My response: "I have not seen your face in any of the jihad fronts I was in!"

As-salamu alaikum warahmatullah

Jalal Abualrub

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