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Aqeedah At-tahawiyah: Video Lessons

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This is a course on Islamic Beliefs that is taking place at Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre (you are not allowed to post links yetmasjidansar(contact admin if its a beneficial link)). Each week we shall endeavour to post the lesson on the internet to allow those who cannot attend to follow. It is an in depth course that we believe you shall find both educational and fascinating.


What is Aqeedah At-Tahawiyah?

It is based on the famous book Aqeedah At-Tahawiyah (Aqeedah means Islamic Beliefs).


'Imam Tahawi's al-'Aqeedah, representative of the viewpoint of orthodox Islam, has long been the most widely acclaimed, and indeed indispensable, reference work on Muslim beliefs. This course attempts to avoid mere theoretical rhetoric without relation to the reality we live.


Who is teaching this course?

Shaqur Rehman has recently completed a PGCE along with an MA in Applied Linguistics with a dissertation on the clash of civilizations, a linguistic perspective -- English in the Muslim world. He preceded his secular study with a traditional Islamic education beginning in Egypt in 1999-2001 which he further developed in Syria and Saudi Arabia whilst teaching English in various universities and institutions. During his Islamic learning he managed to memorise the Holy Quran and attain authorisation (Ijaza) in recitation and various Islamic sciences including theology and jurisprudence.


Outline of Course


Topic 1: Al-Iman


1. The reality of Iman

2. The relationship between Iman and Islam

3. The Reality of Islam

4. Increase and Decrease of Iman

5. Major and Minor Sins

6. The assertion of belief and disbelief -- the link between the apparent and the hidden

7. Asserting that someone is in Paradise or Hell

8. Praying behind all Muslims


Topic 2: Tawheed Ar-Rububiyyah (Lordship):


1. The innate nature

2. The covenant taken from mankind

3. The dispute about the beginning of the creation and the proportioning of destiny


Topic 3: Tawheed Ilahiyah (the sole diety):


1. The message of all the Prophets

2. Supplication and its effect on bringing benefit and repelling harm

3. Intercession through the Prophet (saw)

4. Soothsaying and fortunetelling

5. Closeness to Allah and its degrees

6. Miracles and supernatural feats

7. The Prophets and then the friends of Allah

8. The role of rational thought and scripture

9. The authority of Ahad narrations


Topic 4: Tawheed: Allah's Names and Attributes:


1. Principles o Allah's speech o His self-sufficiency, His encompassing the creation and being above it

2. Seeing Allah o Allah's knowledge and power

3. He is the First and Last o The Ever-Living and the Sustainer

4. The Throne and the foot stool

5. His Anger and His Pleasure

6. The degrees Allah loves His obedient slaves: al-Khullah and al-Muhabba

7. Allah is free of oppression


Topic 5: Angels:


1. Types and degrees

2. Who is of a higher degree, righteous humans or the Angels


Topic 6: Books


1. What is meant by believing in them?


Topic 7: Messengers


1. What is meant by believing in the Messengers?

2. The Prophethood of Muhammad (saw)

3. The finality of prophethood with Muhammad (saw)

4. The comprehensive nature of his message

5. Superiority between the Prophets

6. The night journey and ascension


Topic 8: Destiny and Predestination


1. The nature of predestination and the dispute concerning it o Belief in predestination is a pillar of faith

2. The comprehensive nature of Allah's power and will

3. Actions of the creation o Belief in the Preserved Tablet and the Pen

4. The disease of the heart concerning predestination

5. Ability and its relation to responsibility


Topic 9: Miscellaneous:


1. Belief about the companions

2. Loving them is faith and hating them is disbelief

3. The rightly guided caliphate

4. The excellence of the promised ten

5. Reverence of the scholars and allegiance to them

6. Disassociation from misguided sects and some of their important ideologies


Lesson 1




























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Jazak Allah Khair Brother Dot for putting up lesson 7 on 'Dua'


This is a fundamentally importnat lesson!!!



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