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death :(

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:D :D Death

Just the sound of it,

Makes me tremble,Reminds me of my past sins

The prayers I missed

Before my eyes, my whole past is laid down

the hereafter is wat I care for

And when the sound of death dies

Saitan tempts me with his deceit

And I fall a victim to his prey

When I realise the mistake I made

It will be too late for forgiveness

For death will have me as his victim

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:D sister


Sister death is not so sad. It is a process. It is a fact. Everyone will experience it. It is just up to use whether to prepare or whether we will let satan control us and abandon us later.


The quran and sunnah is manual and guide to live. We have to hold on to those if we want to succeed.


Have you seen those who prepare themselves are always in peace and arent afraid to die?? Sometimes when my eemaan is way high, i long for death but when i know i havent been good, it is when i fear death. We have a choice dear sis.


I will pray for you and us inshallah that we become al-mutaquun and mu'minuun. aameen.

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