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We have another Mahdi in the person of Riaz Ahmad Goharshahi. He is operating his own website and is juxtaposed to headquarters of Qaadiyaanis in UK. His (Riaz Ahmad Goharshahi's) image has already begun appearing in celestial bodies like sun and moon, in Vishnu Mandir and other places of worship of different cults and creeds. He is visiting every place of worship, delivering his sermons trying to bring all the people under one umbrella. He is making a universal appeal. Any clash of interests? May be very soon, he will declare himself Krishna, replica of Jesus and Jang Bahadur, all rolled into one. What will happen then? He also has a book “Deen-e-Elahi� placed on the internet for public reading. So, what do we conclude now?


Any one who sees an optical illusions declares himself a Mahdi. Like Mirza Gulam Ahmed Qadiyaani, Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri, Wallace Fard Muhammad, Elijah Poole (Muhammed), Isa Abdullah (Dwight York's The Ansaarullah Cult), Abdullah Al-Harawi Al-Habashi, etc. There are many who have called themselves Mehdi, How much Mahdis we have had already and how much more are waiting in the wing? Allaah can only help us from these so called Mehdis , it is really becoming difficult to make a choice when we receive them left, right and centre. When someone has a personality disorder, he talks strange things and then, visualising the natural reaction of the people, automatically becomes paranoid and seeks refuge elsewhere.


Arrival of the “Promised Messiah� has not made life any easier for us. We were mendicants and we will ever remain mendicants.


Allahul Musta'aan .

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