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Princess Mujahada

60 Ways To Keep Your Wife's Love

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60 ways to keep your wife's love


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Jazaak'Allahu khair,


  1. Always make sure you make her feel secure and safe
  2. When you come home greet with her with AsalaamuAlaykum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu
  3. Remember your wife is a fragile vessel, so treat her in the most gentle way
  4. When you want to request or advice anything from her, make sure you do in privacy and at the best and most appropriate time and setting
  5. Always remain generous with your wife
  6. Make space for her when she sits down, if you warm the seat up for ... she will in return warm her heart for you
  7. At all times avoid anger – solution: keep wudhu, if standing sit down, if sitting lie down.
  8. Ensure you are looking good, smelling great!
  9. Do NOT be rigid and hash, this is not a quality of a TRUE MAN
  10. Be a good listener for her, sometimes she may not want a solution from you, she merely wants you to pay attention to her and listen to what she has to say or what is worrying her
  11. Yes for flattering ...No for arguing
  12. Call your wife with the best names she likes to hear i.e. honey bun, sweetie pie!!
  13. A pleasant surprise will go a long way
  14. Preserving the tongue, one bad word may take years to erase or heal. be careful what you say
  15. All of us have shortcomings, not to look only at her shortcomings, accept and expect her shortcomings, as you yourself are not perfect
  16. Show her and tell her you appreciate her, don't keep it in your heart
  17. Encourage her to keep in touch with your kin relations, her parents. not only will she love you but it will create mercy between yourselves
  18. Speak of the topic of her interest, don't always bore with her with the topics of your interest
  19. In front of her relatives and parents: show, mention, admit and confirm that she is wonderful, and a good person
  20. Give her gifts, love will grow between you both
  21. Getting rid of the routine, surprise her, make a change once in a while
  22. You must think good of your wife and want the best for her
  23. Sometimes pretend that you did not hear or see something your did not like (minor things of course)
  24. Have a drop of patience, it will go a long way and increase these drops of patience at times when she is vulnerable, pregnant, on her periods etc
  25. Expect her jealously, she is human
  26. Be humble, she will raise her love for you in her heart
  27. Don’t insist in making your friends happy and in return you sacrificing your wife’s happiness, there is no success in this
  28. Help around the house, this will not lessen you status as a man, but by doing so you become a better man
  29. Don’t force your wife to love your mum and dad, help her to be kind and gradually she will love them by the will of Allah
  30. Let her know that she is your ideal wife
  31. To remember your wife in your Duas
  32. Leave the past to Allah, you are not in charge of her past, it is none of your business, leave that between her and Allah
  33. Don’t act like you are doing her a favour by providing and maintaining shelter, food, clothes… (etc) for her. Always remember you are NOT the provider, Allah is the Sustainer you are simply the courier, carrying the rizk from Allah home!
  34. Shaitaan is your enemy, NOT your wife. Beware of the shaitaan he is your archenemy and will always try to cause trouble between you and your wife.
  35. When you take food put it in your wifes mouth, it will not go to her stomach it will go into her heart
  36. Your wife is a precious pearl, so treat her so. You would not leave a precious pearl anywhere alone, to be abused, stolen, at harm, you must protect your wife and protect this precious pearl from the envy of the shayateen (devils of the human and jinn type)
  37. Show her your smile, laugh and joke with her
  38. Sometimes small sparks left alone will catch fire, little problems will add up and will become a wall between you and her. Don’t ignore small challenges, deal with them there and then, don't leave them to grow worse
  39. Avoid being moody or hard-hearted, this is not a quality of a righteous man
  40. Respect her thinking and suggestions, her thinking is a strength for you
  41. Help her to dig into her heart, to find her success and skills, because her success and skills are your success and skills
  42. Respecting her intimate relationships, boundaries and limitations. Respect and appreciate she may sometimes be sick, may not feeling well, exhausted or not in the mood. Love and respect her and she will love and respect you even more with compassion
  43. Your children are like your heart walking on earth, help her to take care of your heart
  44. Give her gifts of the tongue, compliment her, say nice things to her, encourage her
  45. Sit down and eat with her, make time for her
  46. Let her know when you will be travelling, do not surprise her without any notice, and let her know when you will be returning home
  47. If you find yourself in a situation that may lead to an argument don’t just rush out of the house and leave the wife, try and resolve situation at that stage to the best of your ability
  48. The home has secrecy and privacy, once you take this to your friends or family members, you will cause big time problems. They must remain in the home between you and your wife, this is a trust between you both, don’t break this trust it will be hard to repair
  49. You should encourage your wife with Ibadah to Allah, share time together to build on your Emaan, go perform Hajj or Umrah, go to the Masjid together, attend lectures, learn about Islam together, pray Tahajjud etc.
  50. Engrave her rights upon you in your heart
  51. Live with her in kindness, treat her with goodness, fairness in both the happy and sad times
  52. Don't jump on her! Give her a gentle kiss
  53. If you have a small problem or dispute with your wife, don’t go spread it with everyone, this will not solve your situation
  54. Take care for her health, the good health of your wife is your good health
  55. Do not think you are always right, you are NOT perfect, only the Prophet SallalahoAlaihiWasalam was perfect NOT you and only he was the best and always right
  56. Your happiness and your sadness share that with her, don’t push her away from you
  57. Have mercy on her weakness and when she is strong. She is the trust in your hands given to your from Allah
  58. You are that comfortable chest for her, let her lean on you in difficult, sad and hard times
  59. Except her as she is, she is created from the rib, it is not straight so do not try to straighten her. You may dislike one habit of hers and you may love other habits of hers
  60. Have good intentions for your wife at all the times, Allah is always monitoring your heart!!

May Allah bless us all with a happy marriage full with Tranquillity, ameen.


"And among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may live in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between you; Verily, in that are signs for people who reflect." (30:21)

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