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Diary of a Foreign Mujahid

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Assalaam 'aleikum,


A brief summary of what I have been up to. I haven't sent anything

during the last month or two as I haven't had the time and also I am

not sure as to the benefit this exercise brings. There is also too

much to fit into an email and a lot that I can't say in an email.

However due to popular demand I have written what I can....


Life in Chechnia during this war has been a unique experience. When I

look back over the last 6/7 months I feel that I have lived many

lives!- sometimes the passing of a day can take an age. Even the war

does not seem contiguous given the great changes in people, landscape

and lifestyle. There was the war before the retreat from

Grozny/Shatoi. There was the march from Shatoi. And then there is

war/life post-Shatoi in the mid-summer. All singularly different

experiences and to date the defining points of this war. During this

time I have seen the signs of Allah in us getting out of impossible



From my previous mails I think you have an idea of how we are living.

Disparately spread throughout Chechnya, always on the move in the

woods/mountains (sometimes villages and the plains) and ready to move

at a few minutes notice. Occasionally one spends several days living

'on the move'!- that means that you sleep as you move: boots, jacket

and all the other gear on! Alhamdullilah the summer has brought a


pleasant climate to Chechnya and the scenery is diverse and

spectacular. The only real problem are the downfalls which can

completely drench if you are not prepared. Food is always an issue:

after the Shuhadaa (martyrs), I think that food (or the lack of it!)

is what I shall remember most about this Jihad. Movement is


on foot, off the paths, over the mountains and can be as much as 20km

(as the crow flies) every day. Alhamdullilah most of the brothers


adjusted to this lifestyle and it poses no great problems.


The onset of summer has again changed the nature of the war. I think


mentioned our move out of the Dargo region some 2 months ago now. The

Russians poured hundreds of armoured vehicles and thousands of troops

into the Dargo-Vedeno valley in an attempt to trap the Mujahideen

there. Alhamdullilah we got out but the ones who were caught in the

encirclement (inc. Aamir, Ziad and Zubair- Khattab's brother in law)

were in a very tight spot! The Russians posted soldiers every 50m on

the roads, searched each of the villages several times and combed the

forests using thousands. Many hairy stories here but Alhamdullilah

they managed to survive the fortnight or so this lasted.


As always, injury is the biggest concern. The hospitals are


checked by the FSB and any major operation triggers a visit. Some

brothers were injured by shrapnel from Grads a few weeks ago and all

we could do was bring in a doctor during the night to clean up the

wounds. Subsequent treatment/care had to be done by the the

Mujahideen. The villages/towns are tricky as the i


can bring on an OMON raid at any time. This has happened on several

occasions resulting in the deaths of several brothers (including one

Arab) and the capture of others. Abu Umar Najdi and Abu Yasir

At-Tabuki (both from the Arabian Peninsula) barely escaped with their

lives as they jumped out of the window and ran down the street in a

hail of bullets. Alhamdullilah Allah protected them but one of their

Chechen companions was killed.


About a month or so ago I went with a small party of brothers

(including Field Commander Abu Jafar, Abu Umar An-Najdi and Field

Commander Abu Waleed) to retrieve some injured brothers who could not

complete the march from Shatoi. They had been left in the villages en

route and had since then coalesced into a single group. Apart from

that we had had no firm news as to their well bring. We planned a

round trip of five days or so but it turned out to be be nearer a

fortnight (another characteristic of life in Chechnya). Abu Waleed


his camp near the village where the brothers were and after stopping

there for a few days, the Commanders left in even a smaller party to

go and get the brothers.


Subhanallah, we then had one of those days. The Russians knew there

was Mujahideen activity in the area and we had been regularly bombed

with Grads and mortars but Alhamdullilah none of the shells ever hit

the camp. Then one morning, 2-3 days after the Commanders had left to

get the injured brothers, we heard that a Russian patrol had arrived

at the foot of our mountain. Abu Rawdah was the Commander at the time

and he immediately ordered the 90 or so brothers there to move up the

mountain. Field Commander Shamil Basayev also happened to be on the

mountain at the time and he gave strict orders not to engage but to

retreat into the peaks and valleys until the patrol had gone. These

mountains are some 1500m high (from where the roads are). It was

heavily wooded and there was a tractor path running directly to the

peak. We all scattered all over the mountain and I ended up some 20

minutes later on the tractor path near the peak. There were brothers

scattered all along the path with Abu Rawdah near the base where the

Russians were. All the Arabs and some of the Chechens had moved

onwards into one of the adjacent valleys.


So there we were and I commented to the brothers that the Russians

would never delve this far onto the mountain. By Allah, that minute

one of the Chechen brothers saw three Russians about 5m away walking

up the side of the hill towards the road. They were just as shocked


we were and they immediately hit the ground whilst we darted into the

undergrowth on the other side. I and another Chechen brother stayed

there in the undergrowth to observe the path. As I was waiting

crouched, it occured to me that we didn't know what to do should we

see the Russians, given Shamil's clear instructions NOT to engage the

enemy. I started to move to the brother to consult him when the dogs

(Russians) emerged from the undergrowth. They were paratroopers. One

looked around warily and saw me. After a few seconds of eye contact


fidgeted with his weapon and then he slowly looked away.


we had the vantage and had our gear trained on him, but Allah put


into his heart to make him turn away. Then, hearing other figures

emerging we both backed away slowly into the forest and then ran into

one of the adjacent gorges where the brothers were!


The rest of the day was spent trying to figure out where the Russians

were and we frequently saw them at distances less than a hundred

metres. The Mujahideen were now scattered all over the mountain/hill

with the Russians also all over the place. Inevitably there were

unavoidable contacts and a brother killed one Russian when he


in the undergrowth (some of it is like a wall) less than 3m away.

Apart from that, sniper fire, artillery and air raids were the order

of the day. Nearer to Maghrib (sunset) time, we had to decide whether

to go deeper into the mountains or try and see whether we could get

through the mountains.


I went with two other Chechens to check out the mountain. It was one

of those days that you don't forget. We had seen the Russians who had

had snipers there and directed artillery from there during the day.


were also certain from previous experience that they would have mined

the mountain. As we approached the point where we had seen the

Russians, the group lead paused to take stock. The path was along the

side of the mountain and we would be the first ones to be seen as


as being exposed to mines/traps. During this war I have taken many

pictures but missed many other scenes which are now only in my


I shall always remember looking at the face of this brother, drenched

from the rain, staring down the path leading upwards into the

undergrowth. His face was shining white and he seemed to me as


who had forsaken life and was ready for death. In complete silence we

went up the mountain to emerge onto the path. After some careful

scouting we ascertained that the Russians had left, leaving us to

worry about the mines.


By this time it was fast becoming dark and the rest of the brothers

had followed us. Alhamdullilah we managed to find all the other

brothers and learnt that one of the brothers had been found Shaheed

(martyred) from a 'Claymore' mine. It was a Caucasian brother brother

called Imran. Needless to say, an excellent brother. He was a

cameraman with Field Commander Abul-Waleed.


Anyway, following this incident we stayed in the area for one more


before marching cross country. By the most circuitous of events I

ended up a day later with Khattab, Abu Umar An-Najdi along with Field

Commanders Abul-Waleed and Abu Jafar. This was a village perched on

the edge of the plains. We had only been there a few hours when we

heard that a Russian column was making its way into the area. As they

started to take positions around the village it became clear that


were sealing off the village for a house to house search (a very

common event in Chechnya). The next night we (a group of about nine)

went *** until the Russians moved on.


So followed another five surreal and memorable days. The first day


OK with the Russians on the nearby road. That night we saw flares


posts all around us giving us an idea of how many Russians were


The next morning one of the brothers saw a column of troops on the

path near us and we decided to move a 100m or so into the forest as


expected them to only do only a superficial search in ***. We had


there for some 20 minutes fairly relaxed when one of the Chechen

brothers called Khunkpash, (a bodyguard of Khattab) decided to go and

have a look in the place where we had previously been. He had barely

left when there were bursts of automatic fire very close by. This was

so close that some of the brothers darted away leaving their

belongings! We regrouped further in the woods and managed to contact

Khunkpash via the Wireless. He had just told us that the Russians


almost upon us when we heard another burst of automatic fire and


Khunkpash cry out.


I could write pages on the following three days.. but you'll have to

make do with a few lines. Three days of walking, mines, stalking and

complete exhausation from having no food. The dogs (Russians) were

everywhere. Deep in the forest, they had been in places we passed a

few hours later and were trying to track us as best they could.


resting, Field Commander Abu Jafar once looked up to see two Russians

about 3m away! Alhamdulllilah he despached both of them (i.e. killed

them). We lost our one guide when he tripped a mine next to Russian

trying to enter another village and relied on my ** to take us


the forests to another village.


Again Russians! A post with armoured vehicles and the village

completely sealed. We were now so desperate for food that Abu Umar,

Abu Jafar and myself decided to take our chances and sneak into the

village. Again Alhamdullilah Allah rescued us from our plight. The

Russians had been all around the village in the undergrowth. We

stumbled right into their little trenches which they had made to


people like us. Unknown to us they had left only two hours earlier!

That night we had halal French sausages (halal) and fizzy drinks!


Another fortnight of travel and I was again in a village. This time

there was a conference of Commanders including Shamil Basayev and

Khattab. Three days ago, literally minutes after I left the house, it

received a direct hit from a missile followed by a pounding by Oregon

rockets. Dr. Mauladi (he treated Masood Al-Benin) and another brother

had one of his arteries cut and bled to death. Meanwhile I was in a

truck whch managed to get us to the cover of the forest just seconds

before a helicopter gunship got to us. It pounded the forest


the road but Alhamdullilah we got clear very fast.


The next morning the Russians located the camp we were in and fired

artillery into it. Their fire was extremely accurate considering the

difficult terrain and whole swathes of the forest around the camp


flattened before I even had a chance to get to shelter. Again Allah

had Mercy on us and only one brother was lightly injured.


The above is the barest description of what we've been up to but that

is life here with many episodes missed out. Each day is not just

completely unpredictable but rather unknown. Excuse the incoherence


this piece. It has been written in patches over several days and very

hastily. The future you shall be hearing about.


Tell the world to make dua!!


Brother X (Norweigan National), Chechnya, 26 June 2000.

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May Allah grant the Mujahideen Victory all over the world.

Very Inspiring Mail Mashallah

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Subhanallah, what a great journey into the world of a real mujahideen. I was captured by the story and it is amazing how Allah gets them out of desperate situations, Allahu Akhbar. May Allah give victory to them and make their children rulers of the people that oppressed them. I want to hear more stories like this anyone have links or brother Barayeu can post more please.


Jaza'Allahu khair

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Ya, Allah pls give the mujahideen strength, perseverance, and patience. They had fought for yr religion and gave their lives to defend our brother's motherland against the kuffars. Shield them from the enemies eyes, gives them accuracy in using their weapons, gives them health in whatever they eat, protect them from harm when treading in the jungle.


Ya, Allah we are weaklings. We have sinned against U. We can only prayed and do the do'a for our beloved brothers who fought for U leaving their homeland, leaving all the materialistic life and cosiness behind to dwell in unknown countries full of dangers and challenges. Gives them victory ya Allah. U are the all powerful and the all knowing. Help our brothers ya Allah. Help them to drives all the invaders away from muslims land they had stolen and occupied.


If U do not help them then nobody can. They have nowhere to turned to except U ya Allah. We have no other Gods except U. The one and only.


Ameen ya rabbal 'alamin.

Edited by Zainuddin Shariff

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Subhanallah, what a great journey into the world of a real mujahideen. I was captured by the story and it is amazing how Allah gets them out of desperate situations, Allahu Akhbar. May Allah give victory to them and make their children rulers of the people that oppressed them. I want to hear more stories like this anyone have links or brother Barayeu can post more please.


Jaza'Allahu khair


Assalam Alaikum


Brother , here is another story of a mujahid. He's name is Arsan Abubakarov , his diary ends when he was martyred. I got this one from the Chechen Mujahideen website : "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.kavkaz.com.uk/eng/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.kavkaz.com.uk/eng/[/url]




«During the first war, in 1996, my older brother Ruslan became a Shaheed (a martyr). During the last storm of Bamut he was in the Jamaat unit. And I have been a part of Jamaat unit ever since. In 1999 our unit went on the assistance mission to Botlikh, Dagestan. And we took Botlikh. Then we took Gamiakh, and five days later we returned to Chechnya. Chervlennaya was our first position. After the battle in Chervlennaya one of us became a Shaheed, his name was Musa. Our second position was Tersky Mountain Range. From there we withdrew to the outskirts of the village of Centaroi so that we don’t get surrounded. That’s where a sniper fired a shot at me, but I jumped back and with the help of the Most High I survived. And Musa was not that lucky – the sniper hit him and he became a Shaheed.


… December 20, 1999. City of Jokhar. We are holding our positions just outside Block 1 (residential neighborhood). Right now I am standing and watching a burning Russian Ural truck and an APC. I can see a Mujahid (a Chechen fighter) crawling to a dead Russian soldier near the truck to take the spoils. Now he is crawling back.


December 30. We have shootings going on. Yesterday our sharpshooter eliminated two soldiers who were running across the street.




Each morning I go out and see changes happening: either a wall is missing, or even an entire room. Russians want to smoke us out of the building because we are not letting them live a quiet life in this area. During the New Year’s Eve shootings have been continuing until morning.




January 1, 2000. Our grenade-launcher shooter became a Shaheed. He ran outside when he wanted to hit a BTR armored vehicle. The street was under fire from all directions. He didn’t make it. A burst of machinegun fire was heard, and he fell. We barely managed to drag him from the road by tying a hook to a stick. We received a replacement in six days.




January 2. Our groups took Argun, Mesker-Yurt, Alkhan-Yurt and Yermolovka. Then as part of a mobile compound we headed for the cannery. There we were digging trenches for two days in a row. As soon as we got settled, we saw infantry about twenty meters ahead of us. First we figured that these were our troops, because «gantamirovans» (Gantamirov’s collaborators) were with them. But as soon as we saw a radio on the back of one soldier, we knew they were the Kafirs (the infidels). One of our fighters fired a shot and it all started! They were firing right at our trenches. I got out to hide in the building, but one bullet whizzed right by me and I had to go back.


After waiting for just a minute, I tried to run into the building from the other side. But they saw me and opened fire. Tracer bullets started hitting the wall in front of me. But I did not get hit.




Two of our guys stayed in the trench – Akhmed and Musa. Over the radio they asked me to cover them. After me and Aslan entered the building, we assumed a comfortable position. Soon I spotted a Kafir about twenty meters away. I fired a number of shots. The Kafir fell. The rest of the soldiers hid behind the ruins. Musa and Ahmed ran inside the building. Praise Allah, I succeeded in backing them up. And all of a sudden I heard a sound of a tank behind us. The tank fired two shots at us. It didn’t make it the third time. Our guys in the neighboring building managed to go up to the second floor and set the tank on fire by using grenade launchers. The tank got shattered into smithereens. Only the bottom and the wheels had remained. The soldiers marching behind the hull were all killed. Then Russians made a smoke screen to carry out the corpses of their soldiers. We opened intense fire. When the smoke dissipated, there were even more corpses lying around. And it continued three times altogether.




On that day we also destroyed an armored personnel carrier. And again a fragmentation grenade blew a few meters away from me. This time I wasn’t that lucky: the fragments his me in the eye and in the arm. My arm wasn’t hit that deep and the bone was not damaged…


This battle lasted for six days. Then the replacement came and we headed for another block.




January 27. We attacked a building of a former school in the town of Kalinin. Our fighters headed by Beshir jumped in the building, eliminated a few Kafirs and then withdrew. Five of our guys became Shaheeds, including Commander (Amir) Ismail, Commander Khattab’s deputy. The invaders threw a bunch of pineapple hand grenades at him – his both legs were torn off and his arm was smashed. But Amir was still in command even though he was bleeding. He was one of the first who jumped in the school building and were wounded, and he was the last of the five to become a Shaheed.




Three Kafirs that were shooting at us were caught. We killed two of them and we left one alive because he surrendered. He was a soldier of 18-19 years of age.




On that day we were ordered to make camouflage cloaks. The order was issued by [Commander] Samil Basayev personally, and we fulfilled it.




January 28. At night we were told that we were leaving the city. We prepared quickly and we reached the Anisimov plant on the next day.


January 29. We were heading towards Yermolovka (Alkhan-Kala) through a minefield. Shamil Basayev, Lecha Dudayev, Hunkarpasha Israpilov, Aslanbek Jr., and Abdul- Malik Mezhidov were in the head of the column. And that’s where we were ambushed. It happened on a bridge across Sunzha River. They started shooting at us from their armored personnel carrier, their machineguns and grenade launchers.




We were stepping on mines. Many had their legs torn off. One of us fell right on a mine and his chest was torn open. Only by the mercy of Almighty Allah did we manage to cross the bridge.




But there we suffered serious casualties. Shamil Basayev had his leg torn off. Abdul-Malik sustained a serious injury too. Lecha Dudayev, Aslanbek, Jr., and Hunkarpasha died. And we had many more Shaheeds too.


That night we reached Yermolovka (Alkhan-Kala), all soak and wet and tired, and we stayed there overnight.


January 30. At night we headed for Zakan-Yurt from Yermolovka. There we were also attacked when they opened fire from an armored personnel carrier’s machinegun. Many were injured by bullets and fragments. One became a Shaheed. We were dragging our wounded on sleds.




February 1. After dark we headed for Shaami-Yurt. But they spotted us in the woods and started shooting from Grad («Hail») missile launchers. A few more of us became Shaheeds. After crossing the river (the water was real cold) we entered Shaami-Yurt. In that town we came under attack too. Four more of us became Shaheeds.




February 2. There are 45 of us remaining. As a storm group, we advanced from Shaami-Yurt to break through the encirclement. But we did not meet a single Russian. We entered Katyr-Yurt at 4:00 in the morning. There we attacked a Ural truck with soldiers on board. We did not come across anybody else there. During the whole day Katyr-Yurt was subjected to aerial bombing and attacked with all sorts of weaponry. We were ordered to hold out until dark and then advance towards Shalazhi.




The locals were giving us cordial reception in any village we entered. They were feeding us and warming us up. We can never forget that!!!




And the next unit moving behind us was ambushed. And the most disappointing thing was when the unit approached Katyr-Yurt. And why did that happen? Because they were smoking and talking…




February 3. We have full contact combats going on in Katyr-Yurt. Two became Shaheeds, two got wounded, and one was capture by the Kafirs. Many Russian killed, we managed to capture one of them. By the evening Russians retreated and started firing at the village from all sorts of weapons. Katyr-Yurt is on fire. Many houses destroyed.




February 4. Battles in Katyr-Yurt continue.


February 5. We were moving further, towards Valerik. While exiting Valerik we were attacked by Grad missiles again. Some of us were wounded.




February 6. We entered Gekhi-Chu. Locals gave us a friendly reception. They even slaughtered some cows for us…»



And this is where the diary of Shaheed Arsan Abubakarov ends.






For more stories of martyrs of Chechnya try this :

"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.zavaj(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/azzam/storieschechnya.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.zavaj(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/azzam/storieschechnya.htm[/url]


You can also get stories of shuhada from around the world , in place like Afghanistan , Bosnia and Palestine here: "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.zavaj(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/azzam/storieshome.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.zavaj(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/azzam/storieshome.htm[/url]

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Jazakallah Khair bro.... May Allah give you more knowledge and ability to help the mujahideens in any way...


Asalaam alaykum wr wb

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Subhanallah, these stories are so amazing.

May Allah streghten the Mujahideen!!

May Allah seperate these Kufars and make Muslims stand united as an ummah to destroy these oppressors, and bring justice in this world!!

May Allah let me be a true Mujahideen and die the death of a shaheed or stand victorious with the flag of Islam!!

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Guest Bosnia




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:D for the stores akhi, keep them coming.


Here is a more recent story of an akhi from Canada whose has been shaheed in Chechnya...


"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_vancouver.cbc.ca/regional/servlet/View?filename=bc_rudvan20041008"]Vancouver man reportedly killed in Chechnya[/url]


"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_vancouver.cbc.ca/regional/servlet/View?filename=bc_khalil20041014"]Apparent rebel described as a 'gentle' man[/url]



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