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Why Aren't Muslims Enraged At Ridiculous Rules?

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Hi again,


Yes, please, show me *one* forum where muslims come together to criticize Islam and other muslims.


I, like millions of other people, have looked for ages for such a place, but it doesn't exist.


So if you know such a place, please *do* show us.




I see that all you want is to see Muslims criticize Islam and Muslims, SORRY, YOU WILL NOT FIND THAT, why? Becaue there is nothing about Islam that needs criticism, Religion aside, it's the best way of life, not just Muslims many non Muslim know this, so why would we criticize??? Yes I can tell you and others that you might have doubt about certain things, because you do not understand, or you do not spend time looking for the right thing, or go to the right sources, and just go by all the filthy things you read by anti Islamists. You are not doing any good to yourself, go out and talk to real Muslims, learn about Real Islam and see. It is easy to go by he flow, but it takes a serious man to look into things, and see what is right and what is wrong.


Check out the news article you posted, read it and tell me do you think it makes sense, if you think that type of behaviour is not normal, then my friend, believe me, it is not part of Islam. Any Muslim who does that is not a Muslim, and let me tell you, NO MUSLIM WILL DO THAT. Islam is a Natural religion and a Way of life. There are people out there who call themselves Muslims and do things which are wrong according to Islam.


Now if you want to just keep posting weird things like the other thread you made on the Forum, you will not get very far. You want to live in a coccoon, that's your problem.


In my previous post I requested you to go check the Islamic Readings section on Gawaher, I did not tell you, that I will show you some place where Muslims criicize Islam and/or Muslims, Here is a link if you have time, check it out instead of making more weird posts and geting banned.


(you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showforum=174.html&"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showforum=174.html&[/url]


I really hope that you will take what I said seriously,becaues we Muslims do care about humanity and try to help people who come here with mxed up ideas about Islam and us Muslims.


Take care.

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This is a filthy lie.. no one in their right mind can even think of believing such utter rubbish about our Mujahideen brethren

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Common, with your petroleum you are making hundreds of billions of dollars without working. I'm sure you can create a few media stations with all that money.


Ask your king or your mollah or whoever rules you, to invest in an international TV station.


You are being a very idiotic ,stubborn ######. I dont own no petroleum i dont make billions of dollars.And heres a hint for you in Islam there is no such thing as a kingship so when you see kings and they say they are muslim then they are not following what Muhammad brought


I'm sure the mollah or the king will quickly shut down that TV station, because it wouldn't be "haram", - no doubt.

You don't need a TV station. You need a popular revolution against the insanities of Islam. Like we, in the West, we also had a popular uprising against the crazy catholic church - remember the French Revolution?


So they would shut it down because it wouldn't be harram huh?? Go study!!

How many muslims so far on this thread told you that this is not Islam that this practice that you found is not Islam. Personaly i strongly believe that you made this up just to try and get some sort of evil rise out of what youve put forth. Ive seen no wanting to understand attitude comming from you just blatent ignorance. Like I said before your name funnyslam is meant to be funny Islam and you joined this Islamic Forum to see how far you can go by making a mockery of Islam with stories filled with nothing more than bulls$#*!! Now I can see if one Muslim Person on this forum agreed with the story and gave you an explaintion on it but none have agreed and all tell you different. Yet you stubbonly still push on and just like I said a monster cannot hide when hes a monster, a fang or an ear will pop up soon.


Yes, please, show me *one* forum where muslims come together to criticize Islam and other muslims.


I, like millions of other people, have looked for ages for such a place, but it doesn't exist.


So if you know such a place, please *do* show us.



Here is your motive you want to criticize Islam and other muslims because if other muslims dont do then I funnyslam will! If you and millions of other people looked and didnt find a place like that then let me be the First Muslim to help you and I take great pleasure in helping you and those many others that are searching for this place. Because we all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, and since youve been" looking for ages" going insane I would like to stop your insanity and help you find the place. :sl:


You can find it at you are not allowed to post links yetHELL.go there!! :sl: Yes my ignorant friend you can go to Hell and find all of the people who loved to criticize Islam Finaly your search is over and alhumduAllah i have helped to guide you, so if you wish to really go to Hell just keep up with your nasty attitude towards your lack of respect for Islam keep calling yourself funnyslam(which we all know is a mockery meaning funny Islam) and these made up stupid stories keep that up and you shall find HELL quickly i promise . Now that i have shown you if you wish you may go to HELL

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To the topic starter, a few points for you to take note.


1) The Telegraph has been known for releasing stories that were false and fabricated. How can you expect us to believe this story, when the source itself is unreliable? Furthermore, no other Arab newspaper or source, or other source in the Middle East, has reported on this story. Only a right-wing, unreliable, news agency, its headquarters thousands of miles away from Iraq, picked up this story? How is this so?


2) People living outside the West have a right to dealing with problems in their countries in their own ways. We would like to be given this choice, rather than having a Westerner tell us what we should do, or forcing it down our throats. This only propels the idea that we have, that Westerners are arrogant, and this is what your post has done.

And just so you know, not all of us live on oil-fields...hopefully that dispels your stereotype of us...


For Muslims, the ideal would be to see the rule of law according to the Shariah. You drawing examples of the French Revolution does nothing for us; your history and the influence of religion under those circumstances, are different from ours. Western political systems, where religion is out of the public domain, cannot be taken as the rule of thumb for everyone.


And even if this story is true, Muslims do understand that our countries and the current system that runs them are not perfect, and there are some serious flaws. The best people to solve these problems are Muslims. Please leave it to us as to how to react and solve these issues.


3) Mind you, the Iraqis are not just having debates. They are literally fighting against oppression from all directions. Since you brought this up, the least you can do is to acknowledge some responsibility on the part of the US govt., for if it was not for their military escapade, al-Qaeda would not be in Iraq.


4) Muslims do have debates on serious issues, and some of them are televised in their countries’ respective news channels. Just because they are not sensationalized to suit your media’s agendas and propaganda, and broadcast on your corporate news networks, does not mean Muslims don’t have debates.


The reason why this story has not been discussed, is probably because the authenticity of this story, as many of those coming from the ground, out of Iraq, cannot be verified. You telling me that the Telegraph is a highly esteemed news agency, does not verify anything.



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Yes, I'm pretty sure we don't want to kill women for buying cucumbers or penis-shaped vegetables.


Why do muslims have such an immature relationship with sexuality?


Why are muslims so afraid of sex?


No? You have completely side tracked my post!


Millions of Arabs visit prostitutes in Thailand and millions of Arabs sexually exploit domestic workers, but they're scared as hell when it comes to their own women.


So we know where the real hypocrits can be found.

Just because Western countries have legalised prostitution doesnt make it right! No wonder the sex-related diseases are on the high! and what you are syaing is true then it has nothing to do with religion just the peope.


At least we had a public debate about the problem.


Did you really have a debate about whether US can go into afghanistan? i dont think so, did you really have a debate about whether US can go into Iraq? I dont think so! IF i remember correctly, US went into war disregarding UN's suggestions! so what is this public debate you talk about!


You muslims never have a public debate about anything.


You have your mollahs and they say "let's kill all women who buy cucumbers".


And nobody of you has the courage to stand up and say: "F*kk off, mollah, you are insane."

Why are muslims so obedient like children? Why are they afraid to speak out?

Have you even seen the protests against Bush's war?


So where are your protests against Al Qaeda and the crazy Taleban?


We protest, and we elect different leaders. You don't have the courage to protest, and you don't have the courage to create a democracy.


By the way just tell me the crime rate of your city? then narrow it down to the crime rate relating to homophobia? and racism? when you get these facts come back and then re-think before you say your "demcoratic" country is any better than anyother country!


Did you have a debate about the unfair laws of your country? There are 1000s such ridiculous laws I can state, that wary between different states of US and which you can only laugh at but i dare you to go and try to change one of those stupid laws?


Oh and if i am not mistaken one of those "democratic" countries (denmark/holland always forget the country's name) has legalised bestiality! yeah! being democratic doesnt mean anything!


oh and one last thing, just because you live in a democratic country doesnt mean you are any way superior! like i say: people kill when they get drunk, get into fights for no reason, hate people because they are black, asians etc or gays!! They litter the streets, when their animal (dog etc) poos on the street, they dont bother cleaning it up!!! is that how so called superior people are supposed to live? and then they have nerve to call us backwards!!! sort out your own mess before you raise a finger at other people!


oh and didnt Bush go into war in iraq on a pretext of nuclear weapons? was he held accountable for the lie? didnt the US/UK soldiers capture and ill-treated the risoners? were they held accountable? how about the civilians killed!!! so is that the price they have to pay for being "liberated"!??

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Silly topic, based on lies made up by enemies of Islam.

Topic starter should save his precious time and spend it, not to attack Islam, but to learn about it. This is the whole point of joining this forum. If you miss it, you're doing injustice to yourself. You owe it to yourself to try and know Islam for real.


This topic is now closed.

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