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Taliban Displays Its Reach With Attacks

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Shariah will be established..

so .. the ignorant indonesian muslims' fate will end up at the tip of the swords?


Peaceful? Firstly the whole world is against Islam.. India.. Spain.. Whatever.. they have their armies killing Muslims so let's cut this peaceful talk..

the majority of the worlds' army do not kill muslims ... try to put things in perspective


Secondly, those lands belong to the Muslims.. and not to anyone else..

pagans may also claim that makkah belongs to them or iran belongs to zoroaster followers. i failed to see your point. lands belong to those who live there and cultivate it.


And this earth earth belongs to Allah.. Not the kuffar..

next you will claim that the air, the wind and the sun belong to muslims and the non muslims should pay you for using it. naughty ....




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If in fact you do not agree that we should establish shariah on earth.. And leave ppl to live by man made kufr laws..

i agree that we should establish shariah, but not be based on your 7th century ideals. Islam is uptodate and things have changed a little bit in some aspects in our today's world, you admit it or not this issue is more complicated and complex than your simple understanding of khilafah.




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