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Is Cheese Haram?

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Hey guys,

I recently stumbled across the topic that states that doritos are haram.


I went to a few websites, like the MCD Muslims consumer group etc. What i found was that the "frito lay" food company were the ones making the doritos. I live in australia and the doritos here are made by a different company, the "smith's snackfood company". the number on the MCG site was " 1-800-352-4477 " but the one in australia is " 1800 025 789 " so I tryed to contact them but because today is a public holiday here, I have to wait until tomorrow.


Here is the link to the MCG site if anyone is interested can be found in google search : muslims consumer group. I would paste the link but its not working on the site for some reason.


Anyone who missed the dorito talk, in the making of the cheese flavour, they use an enzyme called pepsin, which is secreted in the stomach of animals. Currently they are using pigs as their source.


Disappointed that I couldnt find this out, I researched about cheese in Australia.

I was reading about rennet free cheese and found a website...It said:


...the majority of non-animal-rennet specialty cheese manufacturers in Australia currently use a vegetarian rennet by the name of Chymogen? Chymogen has a vegetarian, Halal and Kosher rating but is actually made by the fermentation of a genetically engineered extract of calves rennet. It is considered to be GE-free and hence does not need labelling because it itself is not genetically engineered but is merely made by a genetically engineered organism. It is a bit like having a GE chicken and claiming that the eggs that the chicken lays are GE free. Such are the current labelling laws in Australia.

If the aforementioned speciality cheese makers knew that vegetarians generally prefer not to eat GE products they would switch to a non-GE vegetarian rennet. At present they are led to believe that vegetarians do not mind eating GE...


I'm not sure I understand it correctly, can someone please read it to find out. Is it bad?


the website i got it from can be found through google. write vnv . org .au (sorry about the spaces, but without them i could not write the site address). When i write the website it doesnt show on this site for some reason. The best thing to do is once in the site, use its search tool bar and write rennet free cheese. the first link is the one.


I'll find out about doritos in australia as soon as i can and post it.


Ive noticed a lot of products which arent halal are sold to Islamic countries, i dont know if its coincidence or if the head of the companies purposefully add an ingredient to a product that we should not be eating. Then sell it to Islamic countries (i don't know if im joking or serious haha).

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Salaams i live in australia too and i asked kinda the same thing on the doritos topic the australian brand is different so maybe they use different ingredients... when you find out can you please let me know,,, oh and you need 50 posts before you can post links

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so it ends up that doritos arent halam in australia either, i contacted the people and they said that flavours like nacho cheese and cheese supreme are not suitable for vegetarians etc, hence not suitable for us as they are not halal.


um im still wondering about the whole cheese thing though.

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"so it ends up that doritos arent halam in australia either"


um i ment to say arent halal not "halam"

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