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How To 'engage' British Muslims?

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I'm not a big fan of the idea of free will. I'll go further, free will is up there with the flying pigs in my estimation. For that reason I do not believe that somebody who is outright 'for' the death penalty can suddenly change their mind to become a tree hugging lefty. They need to have a reason to change their minds, and neither internet forums nor the weight of an argument you may feel is likely to do so. It is my view that somebody who has strongly engrained reasons for supporting the death penalty cannot be changed through weight of a single debate alone anymore than I have the ability to start believing that executing apostates is a great idea. Neither they nor I can change our minds and the fundamentally flawed notion of free will (in the common understanding) is responsible for spreading false hope to those who seek to try. (It is with a sense of irony I've noticed that through arguing with a Muslim/Communist/Christian/Social Democrat/Atheist etc one does not change their mind but most often will strengthen whatever belief was previously held unless there are really glaring and incontrovertable errors with their belief system.


i regard individuals, just as societies, as 'things' that are aware of 'right and wrong'. Even though an individual may beleive that slavery is 'right' due to their belief that certain races have the 'right to rule', i beleive that the same individual, at some level, will also realise that they themselves would not... 'appreciate' ... the same situation done unto them by another race. Ergo, i regard even individuals who beleive they hold certain wrong opinions, may change radically upon learning even relatively 'small' facts. The books of noam chomsky, even though when placed as a % against all the other books i have read appear almost insignificant, made a *huge* impression. Because they triggered my innate morality/'beleif in goodness'. The same change i have witnessed many times in others.


for this reason i disagree with your statement above.

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Peace and Love. :sl:

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