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The War Has Just Started In Pakistan

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Hi , The Sucide Blast in WAH Factory is a very important event ,target was Factory Employees as well as Economy generated through WAH factory

first i am giving opinions of different pakistanis from other web sites



We need to disengage Pakistan and our tribal areas from the Afghan conflict whether the US and the tribals like it or not ...


a] Disengage from the Afghan conflict and take a neutral position on the war on terror

b] Fence and Mine the Durand line

c] Throw out ALL afghan refugees from the country

d] Station the regular army on major check posts all along the Pak Afghan Border. (We want neither the tribals nor the Americans crossing anything)


e] If Karzai barks anymore, impose an economic blockade of Afghanistan


( afghanis always forget there trade route is through Pakistan , why not block everyone )







National reconciliation is the need of the hour. With 8 Pak Army divisions deployed against our own people on Pakistani soil, and with 200,000 internlly displaced persons in Bajaur alone, we have played straight into the hands of our enemies.

If our national assets could be really secured through spending more resources alone, the US with 100 times more resources could have a cake walk in Iraq and Afghanistan a long time ago.

The best security is in national reconciliation. Stop the Army operations on Pakistani soil, no matter how much it hurts the US or NATO.





i just sometimes get so frustrated that they can't read b/w the lines... we are at war... there should be no doubt about it... but its like a war of attrition... our politicians are all too bz in looting the country they don't care for anything except their seats and the tax payers money... our ppl are crying for roti kapra makaan as always the case has been... with constantly rising prices our ppl are preoccupied with all that... and then almost everyone loves bollywood!!!


they can't think out of the box... what they must realize is that the brahmin zionists of india will never or rather can never have any good wishes for Pakistan... the similarities b/w the Zionists in the middle-east and the west and the brahmin zionists in india are all too common... we just need to connect the dots and the picture will emerge.


Jana, now what we said was just our opinion regarding the bombing, but the timing is all too obvious to neglect this factor and hence its the job of our agencies (which I hope they will do) to get down to the end of this and reply in a befitting manner, may it be blasts outside or even inside the Bhindian ordinance factories at Kolkata (Calcutta).



dear ali, I think you forgot the suicide bombers themselves are being paid by the very people they claim to be fighting against aka the enemies of Islam in their words. they r just dumb buffoons who think the way to Jannat is so easy as to blow oneself up taking down tens of hundreds innocent lives with you, not to mention those who are maimed forever... We all are to be blamed for what trials and tribulations our nation incurs. May Allah have mercy on those killed in the suicide blasts and may Allah enter these benchod bombers into their jannah in Jahanum ul Haraam.



PakShaheen, Pakistan cannot be totally neutral cuz the current Afghan so called govt. or rather Kabul's govt. is totally against Pakistan and its interests and is in bed with our eternal enemy TSI. So, its too late to act neutral. and yes national reconciliation is the first step... remember Charity always begins at home





Beacuse All these are using sat. phones and you know who has technology of tracking these kind of calls. It is a 30 sec job to track this kind of call's location. Us drone always remain there to strike the terrorists hideout....But TTP is terrorist only to Pakistan so why would US kill these men who are pursuing agenda of Zionists.




That's not a fitting analogy. The army (watchman) is engaged with these elements in FATA and Swat. To think it is aiding them to attack Pakistan is childish and illogical.


It is very difficult to stop suicide bombers, espeically in densely populated countries such as Pakistan and unless strict security procedures are introduced. These attacks should only strengthen our resolve to kick out the extremist mindset from amongst our nation.





The funniest thing is the knee jerk reactions and flip flopping between positions. Why do you think immediate instance changes are going to fix things?


The problems are both military and political. Let me explain the military failings to you;


1. Why is the ISI unaware of these attacks and unprepared to stop them? The head of the ISI should be bought in front of the PM and asked to explain this. The intelligence services have very obviously failed, POF was the top class kind of target we wanted to avoid being hit, if that can be hit, why not Kahuta or HIT or nuclear sites? If he cannot handle the pressure he should resign. He is the head of the organisation he should re responsible for it.


2. Why are unauthorized personnel allowed to get so close? The fact it is built in the middle of colony is foolish enough and stinks of stupidity and lack of caution in terms of health and safety as well as security. Why does it not have hardcore concrete barriers to stop lorries and truck bombs and weaving metal barriers leading to the entrance so that all pedestrians are slowed down, hence nobody can run directly at you? The head of security for the site should be sacked.


3. Why do all police cases into terrorist attacks end with the sentencing of terrorist suspects? Why do they never continue to find out who the financiers and facilitators are? Why don't we torture them until we do fin out? A special police unit should be setup as a counter terrorist investigation force, the current heads of police should be held responsible for the lack of progress.


4. Does the army have no control or responsibility over the FC? Time and time again it is mentioned that FC are under the Ministry of interior, but do they not have any link with the army? If they do, why is the army particularly the COAS continuing to use this pathetic outdated under equipped force to fight someone better armed than it? why are UAV's helicopters and fighter bombers not utilised to thier maximum in the region? This is something the COAS should be answering to the government.


As for the political failings, the current politicans cannot shoot fish in a barrel, what more can anyone say for them?

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inara, first of all, please do refrain from using bad language, whether it is in Urdu or English. We can't say whether the suicide bombers are going to hell or paradise. It is up to Allah SWT to decide where they go depending on their intentions.

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Soon I think the US will make war on the people of Pakistan, Musharraf's resignation may actually be due to his fear of such a scenario.

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