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Is He A Muslim Or Not

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My father does not pray does not read the quran nor does he follow any of its morals and he does not go to friday prayer.


In Islam if a muslim leaves the religion of Islam is that a punishment of death?

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Salam Brother,


Sad to hear that your father does not pray or read the Qur'an.

However brother, as a Muslim and as a son its your duty to help your father follow the right path.

Your father hasn't left Islam, he has gone astray. And he can come back to the right path if he sincerely repents to the almighty, very forgiving Allah(SWT).


And as for your second question, even if a Muslim leaves Islam he has committed a Major Sin. Allah(SWT) punishes people for their deeds in many ways. But I don't think death is a punishment. He may be given a very painful punishment in hell. However, if the person decides he has made a VERY BIG MISTAKE by leaving Islam, and if he sincerely apologizes to Allah(SWT), he may be forgiven. But its all upto Allah(SWT).


Hope this helps you.



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