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Fasting While Pregnant

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Assalamu Alaikum,


I am well aware that Allah taala has given the pregnant woman a "license" to not have to fast and understand that pregnancy is considered a sort of temporary illness, that pregnant women are to make up their days some time after the pregnancy and perhaps after they breastfeed.


I understand that the scholars differ about whether you have to make the days up, pay for them or do both (pay and make up), depending on whether or not you broke the fast out of fear for yourself or if you broke it out of fear for the baby.


Some scholars (AlAlbani I believe) say that pregnant women can pay up for their missed days. I owe a bunch of days from past pregnancies - I've had five (2 made it) and this year I'm pregnant alhamduillah and not planning on risking fasting while pregnant.


If I have days from the past, and they are adding up, is there any fatwa about making up days of the past that are past due by paying up for them? Or am I to add the new to the old and make them up once I am able? I'm not looking for the easy way out... just for the right way. So if I must make these days up, inshaAllah eventually I will.


Peace and blessings!

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