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A Pint Of Milk A Day

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Many a spotty teenager has been told to lay off the chips and chocolate if they want clear skin.


But research suggests they would do much better to cut down on drinking milk.


Teenagers who drink a pint or more of milk a day are almost 50 per cent more likely to develop spots and pimples than those who rarely or never drink milk.


Whole and semi-skimmed milk also raise the risk - but to a lesser extent, the research carried out at the respected Harvard School of Public Health, showed.


It is thought that hormones that occur naturally in milk and other dairy products nourish spots by making skin greasy and blocking pores.


Processing milk to make low-fat versions may raise levels of the hormones, making the situation worse.


While many sufferers believe their spots are made worse by chocolate or by fatty food, the link between diet and acne has been unclear. But it now appears milk may play a key role.





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