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Irshad Manji And Kamal Nawash And The Goals To Stop Terror

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Why is it that alot of imams in America and Britian preach hatred towards Jews and other faiths and support for terrorism (including terrorism and hatred towards the Jewish state)? what can we do to push them out and replace them with moderate (liberal) muslims?


Irshad Manji and Kamal Nawash are people that I consider to be supportive of the jewish state and speak out against terrorism that is Al-queda and other groups)


Irshad Manji writes books about Terrorism and how it began (The trouble with Islam today) which says that violence against other faiths and strict interpertation of the quran,how it happened beginning in the 2nd century after muhammad.

But she writes books. BOOKS! that is not enough to stop imams peaching hatred and violence.


Kamal Nawash is seaching for peace with palestinians and israelis by wanting to have two states living side by side and have them have a customs union and be one country and to destory hezbullah. Kamal is very good at talking about this. but he is not moving fast enough to complete this project that he is trying to do. but he just runs a website. A WEBSITE! that is not enogh to bring peace between the two groups and make them one country.


Irshad Manji should be in charge of the selection of imams and she should decide what material is preached in the Masjids,she is the one who should decide (In america and Britian).


Kamal Nawash should do the same thing as she is doing right now and talk to the israelis and Palestinians about how to destroy these groups that sponsor terrorism and ACTION (real action) to stop these groups,not just talk.


What do you think we should do?

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With all due respect, Irshad Manji is not an authority on Islam, she has no level of scholarship, and does not represent mainstream Muslim views. Therefore to have her as a spokeswoman for Muslims in the West would be very silly. To go further and have her heading some sort of selection committee for Imams, and material to be taught in Masjids would be bordering on the absurd. Would you let a high-school student operate on you, just because they have an interest in Medicine? My point is, she simply is not qualified and has no Islamic authority.


I have much more to say on this topic but I've been typing an essay all day and my eyes need a break. I will be following this topic with interest and I will add further views in the coming days, God Willing.


With peace :sl:

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Having Irshad Manji basically dictate what is taught where in Islam is very circular. That would make her as bad as the people she criticises. It goes against her promotion of "critical and free thought".


As far as Irshad Manji goes. I know she is probably not very popular in this forum in general. Im not here to bash her, or call her a filthy infidel or whatnot. There will always be critics and disagreements, and we should learn to accept that. What you disagree with will not change your opinion. It will not change the truth. So if you're reading this topic and are about to write a furious rant about how Irshad Manji is disgusting and whatnot, seriously save it. Save all negativities and judgements for yourself. She is who she is, and believes what she believes. I dont agree with what she preaches, but that doesnt mean i have to slander. Last ayat of surat-al-kafirun : "You to your religion and me to mine"

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