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Arabic Gcse

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I'm gonna have my Arabic GCSE soon, I'm dead worried, I really want an A*, otherwise my mom's gonna KILL me (not literally).


I asked my friend about it, he said it was really easy, but I'm not so sure.


If anyone on IF can tell me what they did in their Arabic GCSE, please tell me what it is about, how easy it is etc.





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salamz bro I did my arab GCSE's 2 years ago and I did well alhmadulilah came out with an A* without any real tuition I cant remember many specific details but the listening was very easy and so was the reading, the writing was abit more of a challenge because i hadnt written in so long but alhamdulilah it went ok I had to write about holidays if i remember correcly.


anyway bro youve probably sat ur test now so I hope you did well and inshallah you will get your A*


Allah yasehil



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