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Why Do They Keep Picking On Me?!

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Salaam Alaykum,


I honestly don't know why people pick on me. Is it something about me or is it something about them.


I have a brother who constantly picks on me. He does things intentionally to annoy me. I tolerate it to an extent and then explode. My mind feels crazy when he keeps doing things that he knows I hate. And then he laughs at me when I get irritated and says that it is so easy for him to annoy me and that he is fully aware of my psychology. It seems that he gets some sort of pleasure by doing that. He also tells me to not take things so seriously.


And its not just him...


There is this other guy on one of the forums I frequent, who exactly says things to me that remind me of my brother. Once he was making fun of what I had posted. I got back at him. But then later I regretted for some of the things I had unintentionally done that, I thought, might have caused him to behave that way. So I apologized to him. He told me that he was having fun at my expense and he wasn't offended at all. He also told me that I am very naive.


And there are more...


I just don't understand why this all happens to me?! Is it something about me?! I feel very devestated at times for not being able to adequately defend myself (especially from my brother) and allowing people to take advantage of my sensitivities. I feel like crying. :sl:


I feel very helpless. Please help!

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you have to realise that all brothers are annoying , being a brother myself i would know. and yes it is funn annoying my sister, though i probably shouldnt do it.


just try to take things a bit lighter, no one in this forum is your enemy.


also, dont tell yourself that your "sensative", you will be sensitive if you keep telling yourself that, so dont, and you wont.


take care

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Just take things laid back...don't get tensed on every issue, just relax and take things as it goes along, if you feel yourself getting irritated and about to explode just get out of the house, have a little walk and come back and is you still feeling the same then do wudhu with cold water it refreshes you and takes away the heat (anger) from you.


When your brothers annoys you he expects a reaction from you so when that happens next time just ignore and carry on with whatever you are doing. Even if he goes way too far he if you succed in ignoring him he will end up feeling bored and tired because you would be showing no sign of interest and giving him the chance of having the advantage over you.


And in forums best thing to do is either talk your way through if you are in some kind of heated up argument or if you can't do that then swicth off your pc and walk away...think about something else...


Only come back after some time, after you have reasured yourself on the situation going on....


Hope it helps!



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sallam aleekom i can help you just trust me in this,

when you see him tell him about Islam life and death and about the sin's an about hell and heaven and how life starts exactly and let him relize hollywood and things like that is wrong ect.. thats all spoonfeeding propaganda that hes in , last i would like to say to him its ok to have fun , but we have limits , if you want to joke you can joke but not in a stupid way because the evil mindd will trap you inside a place we're in the end the shaytaan will leave you and say im inicent of what i tought you ect.. and then lets you with your fool'strap , in that case y ou will regret it all your life ect..

let him acknowledge against the shaytaan tricks he will feel better , and he will get closer to Allah.

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Assalmu Alakum,


Lighten Up just a bit, but if they really are saying things that you dislike I would give them the silent treatment...it actually works..I have done it before.

This one muslim boy I know was annoying me and his locker is right next to mine so I just couldnt handle him annoying me so I just stopped talking to me..and on time I heard him say to his friend: "What did I do. I didnt do anything to her!"

He actually sounded in sad......that way her would understand that you dont want him to annoy you!


Insha'Allah it works!!



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I know what you are going threw.. my brother comes and just criticize me and judge me 24/7 when he is near me. so what i do is grab his plate throw it at him and screen for him to clean it up and he leaves critizing me then i grab him and make hime clean it but he never does.


if you knew my brother he will drive you crazy as well. my brother has a problem on how i walk breathe and talk and if i am not like him he starts screaming but-since i am stronger then he is i just make him pee in his pance(not litterly). for example i dint want to be a doctor instead i want to be a history professor but my brother screen at me so i do as normally do...



You can never get rid of an annoying brother trust me i tried. getting stronger is one way of tempting your brother to not brother you that much be he WILL still do it. I am trying not to flip out like this but sometimes he is just so stubborn.


Good luckyou are stuck with him for life.lol

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