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Makkah is small, buildings are a must.


All of makkah is accommodation, and every year there is a need for more. after going wide, it is time to go up. this is a case not similar to dubai. In dubai it is a large city with a concentration of high buildings and the rest is dessert. As for makkah, it has expanded way beyond its boarders, to go wider is becoming too far, we are already going in to other areas and calling them makkah. so going up is the option for now. also it is a temporary option, i think as i mentioned the life time of these buildings are 35 years if I am not mistaken.


Additionally the target market for these are foreigners living abroad in time share option, so they can have an opportunity to be next to the haram for a while at a descent price.


the government cannot and should not own the accommodation around the haram, the majority of the makkan property needs to belong to the people so as to limit control. the government cannot force a price band. it tries to controls it but to a degree. it does not have a right beyond subsidizing. The government already reduces the cost for pilgrims but they don’t know that.

As for donating a third, utilizing a third, and a thir for orphans, the saudi government and the saudi people are amongst the most donators to local and international entities amongst muslims.


For some muslims Allah opends the door of praer, for some supplication, for some fasting, for some goo manners, for some dawah (call to Islam), and for the saudi's it is definitely spending in the way of Allah. People think this is easy because they are wealthy. the fact is the more wealthy one is the more difficult it is to give. and spending in the way of Allah is noticed in all levels of society. rich or not. so the money is not the tool but the kindness that Allah plants in their hearts to give.

As for the rest, i second the entry under seeking.

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when i lived among the communists in russia, there came a time when i smacked my head with my own hand..and exclaimed,"what did we do, we brought to end a people so free of hypocrisy and replaced it with the capitalist hypocrisy that i saw all my life in all the muslim and western states"..

after reading the notes left here by some of the "so-called-saudis"...in defence of the tall buildings surrounding the ka'aba i could only feel sorrier...

salwa herself is a yemeni whose grandfahther was a vendor of cooked beans...she is not a saudi..

next what the fotografs of ka'ba dont show is that all the tall buildings are owned by the multinational jewish corporations...hilton,intercontinental,meridean,ob

roi...these are jewish frims woirking agaisnt Islam..

then the sick stupid logic of saying that mecca is small.../?!!!..

every city in the world was small in the 16th century...the money they spent on the tall buildings could easily be used for making underground roads,or overhead tram tracks to convey pilgrims to the ka'ba from a distance..

presently the revenue that the saudi governmenet generates from the pilgrims is the highest of all tourist spots in the world...

the fact is that these "so-called-saudis" will blindfild anyone and refute anyone who comes up with a straight question...

the first tall building built overshadowing the ka'aba was by the then king, now bones, fahad..and that building was black colored...the guy lived two storeys underwater in jeddah's ocean because some fortune teller had told him he would be assassinated on land...he did however die..underwater or over it i know not.

the only road that leads to the most sacred and the most visited spot of the world,frequented by millions each year is only 40 feet wide..and is a double way...for 4 kilometers as you enter mecca you inhale smog because the wealthy royalty, (who own a share in each of the buildings they sold to the jews, brodering the ka'aba) could not plan a wider road to lead to the ka'aba...

it is true that the holy Masjids are well maintained and any other government may not have done so well, but..:

the 52 billion dollar loan that the saudis owe to the americans for defending them and kuwait can only be paid back by selling pieces of the most frequented spots to the jews and that has already been done...

for anyone with a slight Islamic honour ,it is a stab in the heart to walk out of the main door of the harum and be confronted with the name of the notorious most whore of the west,"HILTON"..

and the silly stupid logic of growing up instead of spreading around beats me...it can only come from someone trying to mask the reality...

i remeber when i was in england, i walked into a store to look at some sweat shirts,and when i tipped the salesgirl her partner extended her hand in front of me too..i was amazed to see such greed there,then..

in saudi the gluttony for money is even worse...

then the entry about arabs and muslims...

well who in the whole world does respect the arabs any way?

the west calls them camel jockeys and they treat them as subhumans..

it is only the non-arab muslims who respect the arabs and that too for their relation to the land of muhammad alaih asslaatu wassalaam..

like the saudi prince who offred a million dollars to the new york mayor after 9/11 who threw them back at his face..prince waleed.. i believe..

but as rasoolullah said, "when the jews and christians will try going into rat-holes,muslims will follow"..well the arabs have done so with extreme finesse.

the entries of elem,and um ahmad, and all others are absolutely logical...

and ofcourse they have no reverence for anything...pure saudis are a rarity...

but the royalty is from najd...and najd is a land that even rasoolullah blackmarked...

so stop the b...t salwa baarma..firstly you are not a saudi..so stop poretending that you are..

be open and tell the world your grandparents migrated from yemen for money...even today your grandfather spends his time in egypt not mecca..next they deserted jeddah for lebanon...and the story goes on....but dont lecture wellwishing muslims about Islam or the saudi govt's virtues...


and for the fabrication, the fooling remark someone left ,"how many non-saudis do you see passing around food in ramadan, in the hly Masjids"...well that is because the saudi gurads at the gates wont allow anyone but saudis to take food into the Masjid...stop the crap and talk facts you hypocrites.


it is the salwa styled 'saudi bootlickers' that have brought the present day Islamic image upon us...the first rule for decency is 'being honest'...people write here expecting honesty since the forum is named 'islamic'...but the bootlickers on here will taint anything and everything falsely"laa taktumu ash-shahaadaa"..dont hide facts..uncover them..is the first rule to fight disease/disarray or disorder...and these pseudo-non-saudi-saudis go to lenghts to prove their fridelity to the sickening system that rules over the entire arbian peninsula...it is no wonder that the shiites are slowly taking over the harum...at tahajjud time, ka'ba displays the picture of absolute shirk...women cling to all sides of ka'aba..kissing every stone around it, rubbing their faces and eyes on anything,even the metal rings that hold the ka'baa's cover in place are kissed by them...that is what the 'bootlicking, pseudo-saudis' have caused to happen , by continuously defending the wrongs of the saudis....salwa personally confessed that she hated saudi arabia for what it has become...but in writings she defends every wrong they commit....

in medina the riaz-ul-jannah swarms with shiites at the time of tahajjud..there is no stopping what they do there..singing songs in chorus is normal at tahajjud..in both the holy Masjids...shiites consdier it a form of ibaadaa....this is all due to these bootlickers' unfair advocacy for the saudi weaknesses .....anyway this forum ought to be kept clean and forthright ..so salwa and the kind...stop the b......t and talk facts or go elsewhere your preach your semi Islam,semi capitalism, and semi selfserving.



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To Emel,


I admire your intelligent sensitivity. I wish there were millions of brothers like u. the Muslim world/society would have been much better place.

may God guide us.


when i visited this blessed place i felt sad, since the motorway... my first remark was the language... these ingorant ppl dont even know there is an arabic word for "ceramic" and all the factories along the motoray to mecca from jedda dont bother to translate the word. the other remark is the efforts done by global chains to change some local customs... for example, all men who work in those shops were dressed in "western" clothes with tight trousers. i dont think those efforts of presentation by those big international shops are innocent.

moreover, i dont understand why its necessary to have luxery shops few meters from alharam?!

in ideal world, all the area around alharam should be for accomodation... simple and basic and similar rooms run by one single company (state co for example).. the point of alhaj is equality (as symbolised by libaass al-ihraam) but when u have a hajii staying in 5* hotel and another sleeping rough... this equality that was once attached to ihraam (and one of the meaning of haj) become just totemic.

i also agree with u on the question of height.. and ur thinking is not alien to the spirit of sharia... the latter allow the followers of false religions to practice their religion in the land of Islam.. but they r not allowed to have tall and dominating temple... the situation is different but point here is that sharia takes into account the architecture and size of building as elements of symbolic domination.


on the positive side, everything must close at prayer time throughout KSA. the other positive point is the effective use of hijri date... these and other things are the reason why this country is still the best.. in spite of the ambient foolisheness (assafaha) at all levels and disgusting foreign policy at the top, and the one-family regime that has no equivalent in history.... and it is worse than the system of Beni Ummaya - the latter included many non beni ummaya in the effective running of the system





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