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What would you need, to be convinced that we evolved? What sort of evidence would you consider sufficient?

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:sl: / Peace


Personally, to convince me of evolution, you'd have to break it down into its building blocks.


Heard of the Human Genome Project?


Well, if you have knowledge of the human genes and the DNA, you can proceed to do this. First, you'd have to show which codons on the DNA would change during evolution (probably those that encode for the structures of human body organs, both external and internal). Next, you'd have to show what mutations they'd have to go through, during evolution. Finally, you'd have to show, how these changes will transform the human body, when the codons are being encoded and new proteins are synthesised, leading to new structures.


Scientists say most mutations lead to physical defects and diseases. Only very few are beneficial. And mutations don't usually occur in the part of the DNA that encodes for our human body structures.


Maybe you can prove them otherwise... :sl:


Oh...before I forget, about your reply in my homosexuality topic, you'd have to do this to to prove that it is from nature.


Good luck...

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