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Any One Interested In Starting A Quran Study Group?

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I'm a newbie and has been searching for a good place to start a study group of the Holy Quran. I enjoy seeing the large amount of Muslims from around the world that comes to this forum and glad to call this my new home. I hope to gain knowledge and meet new people, and spread understanding of the the blessed book.


I will check back on a daily basis and check the number of people interested in joining. In my opinion, a minimum of four is enough to get the study started.


Here is how I thought it could work:


1) only the study of the Quran, not the hadith or any other Islamic discussion unless of course it relates directly to the verses or surah's.


2) We start from the beginning of the Quran to the last verse.


3) On the day we start to begin, particpating study members pick approx. 8 verses and supply a 1-2 sentence response to its meaning. But we can also feel free to add any conditional comments or any questions directed to us the readers, to gain more knowledge. For example. If I was doing verses 1-5 in the first surah, I will write:


1:1.- Opening verse of the Quran, places Allah(Swt)/God as the most gracious and merciful of all.


As you can see in my example, I did not write out the verse. I simply wrote the numeric number and provided my explanation. The verse I provided an example for was pretty simple, there will be plenty moments though where we may run upon verses that may cause us to have diiferent meanings. This is where friendly debates may develop. I welcome this because it will allow us to gain knowledge. As a student of Islam, I will admit with my heart that of course I do not know everything, but I will like to gain more knowledge and this is my purpose for wanting to develop a Quran study group.


4) Forum members that are not particpating in the forum are welcome to provide opinions thoughts as well, but I highly encourage all to particpate :sl:


5) If a debate arise, FRIENDLY please.


6) I will like for the verse study to be on going, everyday if possible. Once we state our explanation of the verses, we state the following verses we will do tomorrow.

For example, after today of doing 1:1-1:8. I will say 'tomorrow I will do, 1:8-1:16.'


So here is a basic idea of how I thought it could work, if anyone would like to add or change to what I said, feel free to leave some thoughts. This is not my study group, it is everybody's study group :sl:. I look forward to hearing the responses.

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Assalamu Alaykum Shaphire


Masha'Allah a great idea, i think Brother Mu'min had a similar idea going on before.


Would it not be better to learn and memorize the Quraan face to face people. So if mistakes are made, they can easily be corrected and it is a great motivator, over the internet, im not too sure.


Alhamdulillah I am interested, but I would prefer not to do it over the Internet, too much room for mistakes etc.


When people usually memorize the Quraan, they start with short Surahs (Chapters) first.


Like in Juz Amma, the last section of the Quraan, Section 30, starting with the last surah, number 114, Suratun Naas, then 113, Suratul Falaq etc


Starting with smaller verses and smaller Surahs is far easier than longer chapters.


Masha'Allah I do like ur idea though.


perhaps it would be ideal if you got some friends together, or people off this forum who live close to u and meet up and memorize together insha'Allah.


Well thats my idea, please do not be offended, I am not criticizing you, just responding to your idea.



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