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hope fully everyone is well i do have a question or 2 maybe some one will be able to help me out here. ]


Given that there is no institutionalized clergy in Islam, how does the religious system work? What is the nature of religious leadership in Islam? What is the role of the state in religious matters?


ny help iis appreciated.

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What do you mean exactly by "instituitionalized clergy"?


The religious system in Islam starts with:


Allah - God - The Lord, Creator, Maker etc


His Prophets / messengers - Jesus, Moses, Jacob etc


The final Messenger - Prophet Muhammed Sallahu Alayhee Wa Sallah - upon whos actions, sayings, deeds, reprimands, warnings, statements etc have all been recorded in authentic traditions of Ahadeeth in Bukharee, Tirmidhi, An-Nasai, Abu Dawood etc


God's word, the Quraan and Ahadeeh (collection of Prophet Muhammed's sayings, actions etc) form 2 major elements in Islam which a Muslim (believer in Islamic Monotheism) must testify in and endeavour to follow... which is where the Shahadaah comes in.

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